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Moll Anderson’s Advice for Discovering Your Seductive Style

This week I want to start you off with just one question, “Do you have seductive style?” Now, there are many ways you can interpret this question and even more ways to answer it! I’ve told you all about the seductive home, seductive tables for two, seductive celebrations and everything in between, but what really matters is what it means to you!

Seductive style can be different for everyone–it could be showcased in your demeanor. It’s shown in the way you walk with confidence, how you carry yourself from day to day, and the overall manner in which you present yourself to people. Having seductive style is a feeling; it’s a way of life! I want to know what turns you on to having this great feeling and incorporating seductive style into your life.

Think about the women that you feel possess seductive style—hone in on which quality evokes the seductive sensation and find a way to bring that into your own behavior and attitude. It could be as easy as just wearing a bold new palette on your lips. Go bold and go red! A new study from France shows that female servers at restaurants wearing red lipstick versus another color or no lipstick at all were 50% more likely to receive more tips! It is thought that red lips are associated with high estrogen levels, sexual arousal and good health.

Sometimes discovering your seductive style can be as simple as treating yourself to something special: buying a new pair of heels with a blast of color, such as red or even a vibrant orange or yellow or introducing a new pop of color to your makeup, wardrobe and accessories. Taking risks and making simple changes might just restore that confidence in your step.

Go ahead and splurge a little on something for you to take a walk on the silky side!

If you aren’t ready to showcase your style change on the outside, why not begin with something sexy you wear on the inside. I’m talking about throwing on your sexiest set of lingerie and wearing it for the full day. (And if you don’t have any sexy lingerie, you need to invest!) Whether you are running errands, going to work, or hustling your kids about their schedules, you’ll be the only person to know about your little secret and maybe when your partner comes home, you can let him in on your great lingerie adventure too.

The idea is to get in touch with your seductive side, however, and choose a way that most fits you personally! Take this challenge and tell me about it! I want to know what elicits your seductive style.

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