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Destination Chattanooga: All in a Day

A family friendly city of bridges and boutiques, Chattanooga offers activities of all kinds — and you’ll be amazed how much you can do in just one day!

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Sitting right atop the Tennessee/Georgia border, Chattanooga is one of Tennessee’s gems — a city populated with local haunts and places the whole family will love. Some of the most celebrated Chattanooga spots include their acclaimed aquarium, the Walnut Street Bridge, Tennessee Riverpark, the Creative Discovery Museum and the Museum of American Art.

I recently took a family trip to Chattanooga for just one day, and even without hitting any of the bigger Chatt attractions, we soaked up the local culture and had a fantastic time. Here are some of our favorite Chattanooga spots, captured in photos.

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The Winder Binder Gallery & Bookstore (above) offers an array of funky artwork and used books. This charming spot is made even more appealing by its friendly communal aspects like the take a painting, leave a painting option.

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Rembrandt’s Coffee House (above) is one of our favorite Chattanooga spots, especially in the winter when it offers a beautiful, inviting place to warm up with a hot drink. In the other seasons, their terrace looks like something straight out of Paris (below).

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Some of the delicious and also quite lovely chocolates offered at Rembrandt’s (above).

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Speaking of Paris … the Bluff View Bakery will make you feel like you stepped straight into a Parisian boulangerie (above).

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The Walnut Street Bridge (above) is a beautiful pathway over the river that’s a great walk or bike ride into the Chattanooga Arts District.

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At the foot of the Walnut Street Bridge, the Hunter Museum of American Art sits right above the river in all its modern style (above).

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Rent one of these fun bikes at one spot, ride around the city for a bit and drop it at another spot when you’re done (above).

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The Yellow Deli (above), located just beside the University of Tennessee Chattanooga campus, is a delicious spot for healthy and absolutely delicious food. Their selection of sandwiches, soups, teas and even house made root beer never disappoint!