Defy Gravity With Oxygen Magazine’s Glutes Routine

oxygen_magazine_subscription_june2011.jpgI hate to admit it, but the closer I get to 40, the more intense the pull of gravity seems to be. I won’t go into the graphic details, but I can say that my glutes could use some extra attention at the gym.

The June issue of Oxygen magazine understands where I’m coming from, and they’ve designed a 10-minute, one-month program to “Sculpt Your Glutes.” And mine.

Five-time Oxygen magazine cover girl Jamie Eason illustrates each move, and from the shape of her glutes, I’m guessing she knows what she’s talking about.

The program is based on five fat-burning, muscle-strengthening moves. In different combinations over the course of four weeks, the moves–coupled with two cardio sessions each week–promise a strong and well-defined backside.

Gravity won’t know what hit it!