Decorating with “Wood” and Grass in Martha Stewart Living Magazine

martha_stewart_living_subscription_march2011.jpgWell, here I was drooling over the tech devices in this month’s Better Homes and Gardens magazine (don’t worry, the silicone wireless keyboard is water resistant), when the latest issue of my Martha Stewart Living magazine subscription arrived and I found some even cooler, nature-inspired desk accessories.

These are DIY accessories using self-adhesive shelf paper to cover file boxes, pencil cans and other items. If you choose material mimicking light woods, you’ll have a bright space for spring.

Later in the magazine, which is the annual gardening issue packed with tips on planning, planting and enjoying whatever space you have–including containers and window boxes–there’s a feature on bamboo.

Technically a grass, this fast-growing (and thus extra eco-friendly) plant crops up in all kinds of uses. Here it’s used in fabrics for pillows, linens and drapery; hard and soft flooring; and furniture as shown in a bedroom, bathroom, office and living room. Other spreads show assemblages of materials and accessories. The combination of clean lines and soothing palette lends a calming, spa-like feeling to the images.

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