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Moll Anderson’s Guide to Sensory-Scaping with Fabric

One of the most telling elements in a home is fabric. It adds texture and so much personality. From natural linens and casual cottons to luxurious leathers and lush velvets, fabric provides the ultimate final touch. And that bit of pizzazz really spices up the style in your space.

One of the few design elements geared to the sense of touch, fabric welcomes you with comfort. So I challenge you to play dress-up with your sensory-scaping, and find a fabric that fits your mood. Select fabric that satisfies your own personal sense of touch and try to keep a classic color palette in mind, too. If you were to go with bold or wacky colors or patterns for furniture upholstery, you’re likely to tire of them easily. So, go with the color or pattern that draws you in peacefully. Some fabric patterns, while cool to look at, can cause you to feel uneasy subconsciously! For example, a chevron pattern can transform your space into looking hip but the zigzags may leave you feeling a bit scattered! Your home should be a sanctuary of calm and relaxation so choose patterns that evoke those emotions.

Whether you’re looking for fabric to make window treatments, pillows or throws, or to upholster your furniture, if you make good, solid choices, classic pieces can follow you from your first apartment to a condo to your dream home. In your home a few essential classics let you create a look that’s casual, trendy, romantic or sophisticated, simply by adding the right accessories.

Always think about your lifestyle when choosing fabrics. If you have young children, think twice before purchasing white linen. Do you really want to be watching over the furniture instead of your children? With hundreds of fabrics and every color and texture to choose from, you can pick the ones that are family-friendly and that accomplish just the effect you want.

So find your ultimate fabrics and give them the real test: do they feel good to your touch? Would you want to wear a piece of clothing made from it? If you do, there’s a pretty good chance they are perfect for your home. Fabrics don’t have to be expensive—you just have to want to touch them!

How will you play dress up in your home with fabric?

What are you waiting for?

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