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ladies_home_journal.jpgCelebrity cover stories aren’t uncommon for most women’s magazines. In fact, they’re the norm. Usually, these stories focus on the signature style of celebrities or harp on some revealing detail about their lives. In the March issue of Ladies Home Journal magazine, actress Julianna Margulies takes the coveted cover spot for a different reason: She’s using her fame to raise money to find a cure for Lou Gehrig’s disease. She isn’t the only celebrity using her status for good. The magazine also spotlights CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric and Academy Award-nominated actress Julianne Moore, both of whom have devoted their time and resources to giving back to causes close to their hearts.

For Julianna Margulies, the fight against Lou Gehrig’s disease became personal when she saw the toll it took on a friend who was diagnosed and later died from the disease. Since then, the actress has used her name and connections to promote Project A.L.S., a nonprofit her friend helped start to equip doctors searching for treatments and a cure with research funds and facilities. “As a celebrity, it’s my responsibility to give a voice to a cause,” she tells the magazine. Wow, a celebrity who sees fame as a responsibility? It’s rare to hear that these days.

Raising awareness about cancer, along with money for research, is a cause that has hit home for Katie Couric ever since her husband, Jay Monahan, lost his battle with colon cancer in 1998. Since then, the anchor has used her platform to spread the word about early detection, even going so far, as you may remember, as to film her own colonoscopy for live television, an event known as the “Couric effect” that led to a 20-percent spike in colonoscopies across the country.

Recently, Couric launched the first-ever telethon to raise money for cutting-edge cancer research. She may be a star, but what Katie Couric had to say about her efforts can apply to anyone, especially women whose friends or families have been touched by the disease. “Getting involved in the fight against colon cancer offset the helplessness I felt,” she says.

We’ve all dreamed about the things we would change if we were famous, right? Well, that’s exactly what Julianne Moore has done. Growing up in a military family, the actress moved around frequently, bouncing from schools in wealthy districts to rural ones with limited resources. “It became clear to me that not everyone gets a fair shot,” she recalls. As a celebrity, she sought to close this educational gap by getting involved in Save the Children, a nonprofit that offers advocacy, resources and programs to poor children abroad and at home. As an artist ambassador, Julianne Moore visits schools in poverty-stricken areas and spearheads campaigns to raise money for children in need. Best of all, she’s passing this spirit of service onto her children!

With the saturation of celebrity news these days, it’s nice to read about stars who are using their notoriety to make the world a better place. I would like to see more cover girls like these … what about you?

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