Cooking for You and Your Furry Friend Too

everydayrachaelray_june2010.jpgYou could say I’m a dog lover. I’ve helped take care of several family pets over the years. I’ve fallen in love with them, treasured their companionship and deeply mourned their passing. I’ve had many a pet that would prefer my food over its Purina, but I’ve never cooked a meal for two, meaning me and my dog.

Should I want to further spoil my canine, Every Day With Rachael Ray magazine gives me just the recipes I need to satisfy us both.

Most food and cooking magazines overlook our four-legged companions, and Martha Stewart Living is the only other publication that includes a section just for them. But unlike Every Day With Rachael Ray, the focus is not on food (and the section applies to both dogs and cats). Instead, common topics are bonding with your pet, making sure they get enough exercise and protecting them from pests, particularly in warmer months. (I have to say I expected some instruction from Martha on knitting a precious holiday scarf for the pooch, but maybe in the fall or winter issues?)

Every Day With Rachael Ray shares little tidbits like these, but the Pet Friendly section concentrates on how to prepare one fresh, healthy dish for your furry friend. Recipes in recent issues are heavy on wrap-style meals packed with meats and veggies.

The June/July 2010 feature was a Grilled Red, White and Blue Cheese Doggie-Dilla filled with red peppers, mozzarella and blue cheeses. (Sorry, pups, the salsa and sour cream are for the people portions only.)

May’s recipe, It’s Spring… Roll Time, combined lots of veggies with chicken and rice for a healthy wrap (minus the wrap itself) for the canine. In somewhat similar fashion, April’s April Showers Bring May… Flautas recipe called for chicken, cheese and bell peppers, zucchini and spinach.

I’d say any of those would be a step up from ALPO and may even elicit a thankful bark from your beloved pet.

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  • http://twitter.com/SummerH Summer Huggins

    I didn’t know dogs could eat bell peppers. I give them bites of carrots, apples and bananas when I’m cooking, but I’m sure they’d love to try bell peppers too. There’s not much my three *don’t* want to try when I’m in the kitchen!

  • Anonymous

    I was surprised by that too. I’ve had dogs who loved lettuce of all things, while others acted like they could barely stomach bread!