Springtime via Real Simple Magazine

real.jpgAh, spring: time for allergens and deep cleaning. No wonder it’s my least favorite season. Yet, in the world of Real Simple magazine–represented by the simple beauty of Stephen Lewis’ cover photograph–spring is a refreshing time of renewal.

If anyone can make cleaning seem less tedious, and truly beautiful, the editors at Real Simple magazine can. (I know, I have a copy of the book, Real Simple Cleaning–it looks gorgeous and I plan to actually follow the tips one day….)

In addition to the usual assortment of product and procedure tips, the spring issue–which happens to be the 10th Anniversary issue–addresses health in the “Numbers to Live By” section with information on body mass index, glycemic index, cholesterol, etc. This “guide” is a helpful nudge to those of us who need some motivation to kick-start fitness plans that have been languishing since resolution season.

All this was fascinating, useful, interesting. But what delighted me most was a page of recipes for asparagus! I developed a fondness, an appreciation really, for asparagus during a fellowship year in Germany.

During Spargelzeit, asparagus season, the whole of Germany seems to be overtaken with a zeal for this vegetable matched only by the veggie-craving children in those fantastical Hidden Valley commercials. I remember window and floor displays in stores, recipes in newspapers and magazines, special menus at restaurants and a particularly catching commercial jingle (“Thomy, hier kommt der genuss”).

Meanwhile, my favorite asparagus recipe? Simple (real simple): wrap it in bacon!