Clean Eating Magazine Offers Readers Another Impressive Healthy Choice

cleaneating.jpgI’ll be honest. Before I got past the cover of Clean Eating magazine, I had my doubts. Published bimonthly, Clean Eating bills itself foremost as a nutritional magazine with an underlying mission of encouraging confident, healthy choices from the inside out.

I asked myself, “How many publications do we need to urge us to make healthier choices? Is one more a sign of a marketplace diluted with this information?” But then I turned the page and was impressed from cover to cover.

Aesthetically speaking, Clean Eating is, well, clean. Large colorful photos, easy-to-read type and crisp layouts make for an engaging simplicity. I was a little surprised to see very few ads, and those can easily be identified. No slick advertorial or content marketing here, meaning Clean Eating is chock-full of recipes and nutritional editorial.

And that editorial is more than just directions and lists of ingredients. Dietary information, shortcuts, storing tips and more give each dish an appealing, healthy depth. Additional editorial focuses on wellness topics, like strategies to get better sleep and recommended workout techniques.

But the overwhelming message of Clean Eating magazine is one of a healthy and eco-friendly approach to food and its preparation. And it spells out these principles near the front of every issue in a section titled “How to Eat and Live Clean.”

Despite the general similarities to other magazines that promote a more healthful lifestyle, I was especially drawn in by these easy-to-consume Clean Eating features:

Bits ‘n’ Bites: Food and nutritional news covering tips on making better choices

Cooking With…: Get to know a celebrity chef and get in on a recipe exclusive to the magazine

Complements: A guide to understanding which foods hold the most nutritional value or the best natural sources for vitamins

Classics Only Cleaner: Your favorite comfort foods or indulgent snacks get a healthy makeover

Kitchen Confidential: Tips on how to choose, store, slice, prep and cook veggies, fruits and other fresh ingredients

Five Fast Dinners: A week’s worth of quick and healthy meals for $50 or less; shopping list with prices included!

14-Day Meal Plan: Two weeks’ worth of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks, shopping lists and a few recipes

Superfoods: Recommendations on ingredients packed with nutrients and disease-fighting power

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