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Christmas in July: Save 50% on Magazines to Build Your Wish List

Christmas in July 50 Percent Off MagazinesTake your mind off the hotter temps by thinking about the cooler Christmas season. Plus with these deals on some of our best magazines, you can plan those wish lists early.

Though the weather outside is frightfully warm, we’re in a cooler state of mind—and we’re passing that along to our customers through our Christmas in July Red Tag Sale! Right now we’re offering an extra 50 percent off select magazine subscriptions.

Think the holidays are too far away? Think again! It’s never too early to start filling out your wish lists. Not sure where to begin? Turn to these titles featured during our Christmas in July 50 Percent Off Week, based on what you want, to get a head start on dropping hints about what you’d like to see under the tree.

You Want to Be More Fashionable: What fashion-forward gal doesn’t want the scoop on the latest trends, hairstyles and beauty tips? With a monthly dose of style in Marie Claire, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar, describing the must-have looks you want under the tree has never been easier.

You Want to Travel More: Get some help crossing off destinations on your bucket list here or abroad. With Travel + Leisure magazine, you’ll be able to plan the perfect getaway for less, hint at any special travel necessities and help make any monetary gift contributions go further.

You Want to Broaden Your Palate: Up the ante in the kitchen whether it’s with the regional flavors in Taste of the South or Louisiana Cookin’ magazines or the exotic tastes in Food & Wine or Saveur. It just may require special cookware, utensils or hard-to-find ingredients that you can add to your list.

You Want to Be a Better Photographer: Want to improve your work behind the lens? Learn how to take better landscape, wildlife and action shots with one year of tips with magazines like Outdoor Photographer and Popular Photography—and find out what equipment you’ll need to ask for to make it happen.

You Want to Get a Thrill: Looking for adventure? Car and Driver or Baggers magazine can help you find it on the open road, while Plane & Pilot or Flying can in the friendly skies. So, these magazines may lead to adding some pricier items to your wish list, but you can at least dream, can’t you?