Celebrity Fitness Tips to Slim Down for Summer

celebrity fitness

It’s never too early to get beach-ready! Slim down and shape up for summer with our celebrity fitness challenge! From AcroYoga to cardio and strength training, these Hollywood workout tips will get you fit-minded in no time.

There’s something about celebrities that make it seem like their athletic bodies must have been earned almost effortlessly. But not every famous Hollywood star is a chiseled demigod at birth. Most celebs are just like you and me. They work hard at keeping their physique to maintain good health, and they set realistic goals to feel good in the skin they’re in. Follow their lead today, and you can feel ready for the beach by summertime.

Fitness with a Purpose

While many celebrities get active to stay in the spotlight, people like Lena Dunham of Girls’ fame work out regularly to maintain a positive attitude and good health in the face of illness. Her exercise routine involves cardio, mat exercises with a focus on accessory muscles, as well as stretches and related exercises.

To battle the chronic pain caused by her health condition, endometriosis, Dunham says she exercises to promote mental health, balance, strength and confidence. She specifically follows The Tracy Anderson Method, which is also popular with Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow. The Method involves lots of constant movement, muscle exercises and dancing to re-sculpt the body.

Dunham also focuses on AcroYoga, a fusion of acrobatics and yoga, to stay in shape. In AcroYoga, one partner acts as a base, while the other partner performs as a flyer, which means they move into various yoga-like positions to improve balance and core strength. This fitness routine relies on trust and confidence between partners. Movements include the child pose, the triangle pose and the downward facing dog, among others.

More Celebrity Fitness Tips

Jennifer Love Hewitt of Ghost Whisperer is another down-to-earth actress who follows a regular celebrity fitness plan. She practices the 3-2-1 Workout, where “3” stands for the amount of cardio sessions per workout, “2” for weight training circuits, and “1” for her abs routine. Hewitt starts with a cardio warmup (running for 10 minutes), lifts weights, goes back to cardio, does more weights, returns to cardio, and finally finishes with abs (crunches and a core routine). The goal is to breathe deeply to get oxygen flowing to the muscles. As you get in better shape, you rest less frequently between reps as your body burns fat and gets tone.

Other stars like Halle Berry focus on short, high-intensity circuits that sculpt muscle, usually in 30-minute intervals. For singer Rihanna, who is on the road most of the time, she squeezes in three to five 30-minute workouts a week, focusing on basic cardio.

Do Something Different

If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of hitting the gym, there are many other options you can try for everyday fitness.

To make fitness fun and stay motivated, mix up your routine! Try different types of exercise, such as interval training, circuit training, yoga, Zumba, spinning, swimming, running and more.

Hewitt and Dunham both jog and do yoga. In addition, you’ll find Hewitt playing tennis, dancing, roller skating, or horseback riding. Actress Jessica Biel also stays flexible with yoga, and in the spring and summer, she spends time outdoors playing volleyball and jogging with her dog.

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Burn the Scale

Everyone goes through body image challenges. Even celebrities like Hewitt, who has been ridiculed for her body shape after gaining weight from pregnancy, has had these moments. Her No. 1 workout tip? “Burn the scale!” she told Shape magazine. “I just try to feel good in my own skin as much as I can.”

The important thing to remember is that not every person’s body shape or metabolism is the same. It’s more crucial to feel good about how you look than to measure your beauty against a number on a scale, or the size of your dress. If Dunham feels great wearing couture in a size 14 dress, you can too!

Celebrity fitness coach Tracy Anderson concurs: “I wish people would look in the mirror after setting a goal, accomplishing said goal, and feel good. If they want to bulk up, great; go do the things to bulk up, and then proudly look at yourself in the mirror. We’re all individuals, and we all deserve to look the way we want to look.”

One of Anderson’s students, Jean Yun, an orthopedic surgeon living in New York, also follows that philosophy. “We only have one body in this lifetime, so we should treat it as we would anything valuable and precious to us.”

And don’t forget! Good nutrition is another key to maintaining a healthy weight and supporting lean muscles. Read this blog for ways to support your health with good nutrition today!

Summer is less than two months away! What fitness tips will you use to get in shape? Share your workout routine in the comments below.