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Celebrating Hanukkah With The One You Love

Hanukkah Night Cap Table

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While Christmas celebrates birth, the winter holiday of Hanukkah commemorates rebirth—the re-establishment of Jerusalem’s historic second temple and the renewal of faith embraced by modern Jews worldwide.

According to the ancient story, when the Jews rededicated the holy temple, there was very little oil remaining to light the Temple menorah (candelabra) since the bulk of the lamp oil had been polluted. But the oil they had, which was only enough for one day, miraculously lasted eight days. This is considered to be the origin of the eight-day celebration of Hanukkah, known as the “Festival of Lights.” Similarly, the contemporary nine-branched Hanukkah menorah, also called a “chanukiah,” is a tribute to the seven-branched solid gold candelabra used in the Temple long ago.

Snowflake Napkin Ring

Photo credit: beall + thomas photography

Here I was inspired by the traditional palette of blue and white seen in annual Hanukkah celebrations, a warm midnight blue well-complemented by the warmth of candlelight. Take one of these nights to celebrate the miracle of love between you and your partner.

If you exchange gifts during these nights, maybe think about revolving your theme around the gift you’ve given  them.

I encourage you to have fun with this evening, blending tradition with creativity! I used ornaments as napkin ring holders and added some glittering birds to an arrangement of white roses.

Instead of a full-blown dinner, I also made this table a nightcap. A tray of desserts, fruit, and two glasses of wine set the tone for this elegant and meaningful night in.

For more inspiration for holiday celebrations, check out my new book Seductive Tables for Two.

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