cherry blossom

Celebrate the First Day of Spring

cherry blossomDid you know that March 20 is the first day of spring? Although the Polar Vortex may have kept many of us inside all winter long, warm weather is just around the corner. Why not consider celebrating the arrival of spring with some of these activities?

1.) Gardening

Few things say “spring” like planting flowers and vegetables in warm, freshly tilled soil. With the worst of winter behind us, it’s time to start thinking about planting a garden! If you’ve never planted a garden before, this spring is the perfect time to start. Subscribe to Fine Gardening in order to get helpful tips and information about tending to your garden. The magazine is filled with detailed instructions, colorful photos, and informative articles about techniques, landscaping projects, garden design, and more. You might also enjoy a subscription to Country Gardens magazine. The magazine gives information on flower, vegetable, and herb gardens. It’s also filled with planting diagrams, design ideas, and color photos. Planting a garden guarantees that you can enjoy fresh, healthy, delicious vegetables all summer long. Consider subscribing to Vegetarian Times so that you will receive delicious and nutritious recipe options for your fresh produce.

2.) Traveling

Spring is the perfect time to travel to a new location, because the weather is gorgeous and the scenery is breathtaking. If there’s a tulip festival or cherry blossom festival near you, why not visit it over a weekend? If there’s a charming, old-fashioned town you’ve been wanting to visit, pick a weekend and explore it. Whether you go on a week-long spring break trip, a weekend trip, or a day trip, make it a priority to travel to a new place. If you need ideas on places to visit, pick up a copy of Travel + Leisure or one of our other travel magazines. They’ll give you plenty of great ideas about the best spots for a spring getaway.

3.) Enjoying the Outdoors

Why not celebrate the beautiful, warm spring weather with a host of outdoor activities? If you’ve been cooped up inside all winter, a hike and picnic is the perfect way to enjoy the warmer weather. Horseback riding, golfing, and flying a kite are also great activities. Don’t forget to wade in a creek, feed ducks, draw on the sidewalk with chalk, or visit the zoo as well! There are countless activities you can partake in, either with your loved ones or by yourself. Regardless of what you do, make it a priority to get outside and enjoy the weather.