Modern Family 2013 Calendar

Cast of Modern Family: Who Are They in Real Life?

Modern Family 2013 Calendar

The Modern Family 2013 Calendar

We’re all familiar with their hilarious on-screen personas, but what are the members of the Emmy-nominated Modern Family cast like in real life?

They’ve made us laugh, they’ve made us … laugh. From Cam standing on the street corner screaming out “Stella!” to Phil reassuring us in episode one that he’s the cool dad, the stars of the comedy series Modern Family have won the hearts and funny bones of people across America.

The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards will air tonight at 7pm ET on ABC, and after sweeping the Emmys last year, the show is poised to take the cake once again.

In honor of tonight’s festivities, we’re taking a look at a few of the cast members to see if their characters bear any similarities to who they are in real life. And they just might surprise you.

Eric Stonestreet (Cameron): He may be the flamboyant, paisley-wearing drama queen onscreen, but in real life Eric Stonestreet is, in his own words, “openly straight.” He isn’t entirely different from his onscreen self, however, as he did grow up in Kansas raising pigs on a farm.

Ty Burrell (Phil): Yes, on the show, Phil is the self-described “cool dad,” and in real life Ty and his wife, Holly, adopted their second daughter in March. The Oregon native might not be a suburban realtor in actuality, but he can definitely relate to Phil when it comes to having two daughters. Is he a cool dad in real life? Well, that’s anyone’s guess, but we like to think so.

Nolan Gould (Luke): Completely unlike his not-so-gifted Modern Family role, Nolan Gould is actually quite an articulate, intelligent young guy. In fact, at the age of 13 he’s already a member of Mensa, and he plays the upright bass. Check out this interview with Ellen, where he lets his true genius shine through.

Sofia Vergara (Gloria): Well, there’s no denying that Vergara is as beautiful in real life as she is onscreen, and yes, she really did come from Colombia, so the accent’s no fake. Is she really the mother of a poncho-wearing, espresso-sipping preteen? Well, no. She does have a 20-year-old son named Manolo, though (sounds like Manny, right?)

Sarah Hyland (Haley): While Modern Family’s Haley is known for being ditzy and conducting most of her day-to-day interactions over text messages, the real-life Sarah Hyland is an established actress who has been taking dance and voice lessons since she was a child. With an impressive list of acting roles to her name, Hyland is anything but clueless–and maybe that’s why she’s so good at fooling us into thinking she is. See for yourself on her first-ever talk show appearance, which she made last year on Ellen. Oh, and another major difference: Though she plays the 16-year-old Haley, Hyland is actually 21.