Can I Add Cheese, Please? Trying A Brunch Recipe Pulled From the Pages of January’s Fitness Magazine

fitness_january2011.jpgWe got to sleep in today. We have plans for a big dinner with friends this evening, so a late brunch was called for. I did my grocery shopping yesterday and knew exactly what I was going to whip up: The Veggie Pattie With Apple-Chicken Sausage from the January issue of Fitness magazine. (I don’t know if they spelled “Pattie” that way on purpose or if an editor just missed it. It kinda drives my word-nerd brain crazy.)

When I first read this recipe, it sounded super easy and very healthy: Three types of vegetables, an egg white, some flour and some seasonings. The salt and cayenne I understood, but I wasn’t too sure about the nutmeg. I used it anyway, wanting to stay true to the recipe.

The veggie patties crisped up just right on the stovetop, but I wish I had gone with my gut and left the nutmeg out. It just didn’t mesh with the veggies quite right. While I was eating it, thinking of spices that might have been good instead, I decided that a little fresh onion, jalapeno and cheese would be good in the mix. But then the calories would go up, of course, and the recipe would probably no longer fit in the “Happier Way to Diet” article. Seven days of breakfast, lunch and dinner are all beautifully photographed on the pages.

Even if you’re not trying to lose weight, this issue of Fitness magazine and this feature full of healthy meal ideas offer up some quick and healthy recipes for eating during a busy week. Or even a week when you get to sleep in.

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