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A Fun To-Do List Inspired by Our Buy More, Save More Book Sale Buy More Save More Book SaleOur Buy More, Save More Book Sale is a good reason to add to your library. Save 10 percent on two books, 15 percent on three and 20 percent when you buy four or more!

Like magazines, books can teach us many things. And we may even look to them as more authoritative sources, even though magazines by the very nature of their publication schedule carry the most up-to-date information.

Unlike magazines, books can often delve more deeply into a subject or hobby we may be interested in or offer broader advice on a goal we’d like to accomplish.

Since there’s way too many specific ways books can enrich our lives, we’ve taken a more simple approach and created a to-do list of sorts of achievable and fun goals—and paired them with 10 of the more than 75,000 books in our Save More Sale that can help you check off each one.

Be adventurous. From trying new foods to traveling to exotic places, National Geographic Food Journeys of a Lifetime details 500 extraordinary places to eat around the globe.

Take risks. Spend time doing what you really love—and make a profit. The Everything Guide to Starting an Online Business covers it all whether you’re a part-timer or looking to go full-time.

Be self-sufficient. One way to do that is starting in your own backyard, and the Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook walks you through what to plant and when to get the greatest yield.

Protect yourself. Caught up in the zombie craze? Wondering how to survive an attack of the undead? Get everything you need to know about zombies or how to defend yourself in the best-selling Zombie Survival Guide.

Be healthy. No more excuses about being too busy to eat right with Cooking Light’s Fresh Food Fast 24/7 cookbook that features more than 280 five-minute, 15-ingredient recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Be imaginative. Even if that means turning to a children’s classic, like The Cat in the Hat, so be it. Actually, it’s not a bad choice as the mischievous cat introduces the children in the book to their imaginations.

Exercise your mind. Give your noggin a workout with a challenging Sudoku puzzle. The Original Sudoku book includes more than 300 puzzles that range from “easy” to “very hard.”

Don’t forget to laugh. And often that means chuckling at yourself. From the section of the same name in Reader’s Digest, Laughter the Best Medicine is a collection of more than 600 of its most popular jokes, quotes, stories and more.

Review the fundamentals. Sometimes we could all use a refresher, especially on the things we take for granted, like grammar. Strunk and White’s timeless The Elements of Style is a must for getting back to the basics.

Get things done. Want to get everything in your life in order for good? The book One Year to An Organized Life promises a week-by-week guide to getting everything from your closets to your finances under control.

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