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Twitter vs. Tape Delay: How the 2012 Summer Olympics Reinforced That Timing Is Everything

Social media meets tape delay may change how we watch future Olympic Games. For now, we’ve got carefully worded spoiler alerts, streaming video or tuning out until prime time. The 2012 Summer Olympics are dominating the a...
by Michelle Ryan

You Don't Need a Title to Be a Leader Cover

Book Review: You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader by Mark Sanborn

Each quarter, has an employee book club where we discuss an assigned reading as a big group. This quarter we beat the heat while diving head first into what we thought makes a leader with help from author Mark San...
by Jenny Patterson

How and Editor Chooses Your Pitches

What Are We Looking for, Anyway? How an Editor Chooses Your Pitch

Ever tried to pitch a story idea to an editor? Nashville Lifestyles Managing Editor Stephanie Stewart-Howard gives the scoop on five tips for writing great pitches. If you’re a writer, you know there’s nothing more frus...
by Stephanie Stewart-Howard


TechVille 2012 masthead Sponsors Nashville Technology Council’s Flagship Event, TechVille is excited to announce that we’re sponsoring the upcoming Nashville Technology Council event, TechVille, which will take place May 15 in Nashville. Each year for the past 11 years, the Nashville Technology C...
by Brittany Joy Cooper

Blissdom Conference 2012

Blissdom Conference 2012 Calls Bloggers to ‘Hang Up and Arrive’

Attending a blogging conference, Kara Gause hardly expected a call to unplug and reconnect with her family. But it turned out to be a much-appreciated wake up call.  “Pay attention, Daddy?” This misspelled message ...
by Kara Gause


236 Years and Counting? U.S. Postal Service Faced With Pondering Place in Digital Age

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night” has been popularly associated with the U.S. Postal Service to describe its commitment to delivering the mail. (One route in Magnolia Springs, Ala., near my hometow...
by Michelle Ryan