Bringing Home the Bacon: Southern Living Magazine Says You Can Do More Than Fry It Up In a Pan

southernliving_march2011.jpgJust as that catchy tune about bringing home the bacon celebrated the do-it-all superpowers of a woman, so too does Southern Living magazine laud the many, many (many) uses of bacon in its March 2011 issue. And frying it up in a pan is only the beginning.

Thanks to today’s technology and heightened health-consciousness, you can also bake it and microwave it (which would have no doubt provided more time for accomplishing even more amazing feats detailed in that song).

Of the 15 dishes “made better with bacon,” as touted on the magazine’s cover, many call for the ingredient just to add a little flavor. It can spice up a variety of roasted veggies, salads or dips, like the Layered Guacamole mentioned in a sidebar titled “Bacon Bits.”

Or its addition can make for an efficient breakfast. With Bacon-Cakes and Berries, for example, you won’t have to serve it with the fried (baked or nuked) side. The bits are instead stirred into the batter and topped with berries and syrup.

The classic BLT already contains bacon, but Southern Living added poached eggs, arugula and an avocado-tomato relish to dress up this favorite. Sunny-side up or sliced boiled eggs work just as well too, according to the magazine.

But back to that bacon. Other featured recipes include Cantaloupe-Bacon Relish, Mango-Spinach Salad With Warm Bacon Vinaigrette and Springtime Pasta With Bacon. Nothing too out there, right?

For the more adventurous bacon lover or culinarily curious, there’s Bacon-Infused Bourbon, which is literally that–bacon grease added to bourbon (but strained and filtered, of course). Or Bacon-Herb Cupcakes (umm, really more like muffins) flavored with herbs, green onions, pepper and, of course, bacon.

There’s even something to satisfy that sweet (and bacon) tooth–Bacon-Peanut Truffles, a mixture of bacon, peanuts and peanut butter dipped in melted chocolate.

To get all that good bacon-y flavor in these or other dishes, Southern Living breaks down three foolproof ways to prepare it: frying, baking or microwaving. But for flat, just-right strips that don’t burn or crinkle, Cooking Light magazine says to bake it instead of frying it up in a pan. Then again, that wouldn’t have made for quite near the catchy tune.

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