Breaking the Dieting Rules: Fitness Magazine Shows Us How

fitness_magazine_subscription_june2011.jpgI’ve been hearing more and more lately that we should quit dieting and just starting eating healthier. Yep, quit dieting. If we’re eating lean proteins alongside plenty of fruits and veggies, who needs to count calories anyway, right?

An article I read in the June issue of Fitness magazine has me believing it more and more. “The 10 Commandments of Dieting” is more a list of do’s rather than don’ts. Writer Alexa Joy Sherman took 10 dieting rules, enlisting nutrition and diet experts, and put these so-called rules to the test. Is it best to track every bite and eat every three hours?

After two weeks of testing the rules, Sherman lost four pounds! I’d much rather live by a list of do’s instead of don’ts.

Also in the June issue:

  • You’ve packed away the snowshoes and it’s time to break out the summertime activity gear. “You’ve Got Game” reviews Fitness editors’ top picks for biking, swimming and more. Tennis, anyone?

  • When you’re eating breakfast out and order your eggs dry, did you know you could be saving 250 calories worth of oil and butter? “Easy Ways to Cut Mega Calories” shares several little swaps that could add up to major pounds lost.
  • If you have a bad knee or a weak ankle that you tend to injure over and over again (like I do), “Heal Better” explains that a little pain doesn’t mean we have to stop our favorite activities. In fact, the oxygen produced by movement is actually good for us!