Break Out Your Inner Critic

Have you ever subscribed to a magazine you were really looking forward to only to discover it just wasn’t the right read for you? Do you have an all-time favorite magazine that you’d love to tell the world about? Well, now you can share your thoughts on one or all of our more than 1,600 titles when you submit a review at It easy and fun to compare your ideas on particular titles with the readers who came before you. And has just implemented new ways to give your opinion about the magazines that you love…or don’t so much love.

We’ve just introduced rating dimensions [see Cooking Light's review to see in action] that allow you to rate individual attributes of the magazine in addition to your overall score. For instance, you can give the design 5 stars while giving the ad relevance 1 star. This helps to show in more detail why you feel the way you do about a particular title. Our sliders allow you to rate whether a magazine is something a kid might want to pick up, or whether the material is geared more for adults. You can also use a slider to show whether the publication is ad-free or ad-heavy or somewhere in between. Our pros and cons sections allow you to highlight the good and the bad of the magazine, giving everyone a balanced view of the selection before them.

Your reviews at allow buyers to get real opinions from real people like you who know our titles better than anyone. Share your likes and dislikes about all your favorite reads today with’s new and improved user review features. Simply browse for the title you want to review then leave your thoughts. Easy breezy. Be the Roger Ebert of magazine reviews! You know you’ve always wanted to.

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Michelle Ryan

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Michelle Ryan is obsessed with good food, great shoes and Alabama football way down South in Savannah, Georgia. She hasn’t met a kitchen gadget she hasn’t at least thought about buying (trying them is another story) and devotes her time to Bikram Yoga, baking and trying to overcome long-held finicky eating habits.