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Phyllis Fine wrote a fine (so hard to resist) compelling review of Better Homes and Gardens. It’s a very fair and thorough take on the read, and the critique kinda makes me want to run out and find a copy to read this rainy afternoon. As much as modern design appeals to me and crafty homemaking is not my bag, I always find myself engrossed in a copy of Better Homes and Gardens from time to time, and I always find something special worth smiling about. Here is Fine’s take:

[I]t’s presentation of decorating topics — the core of the book — is excellent, marked by clear prose and appealing graphics. BH and G
pages feature more floor plans and before-and-after photos than any
other shelter mag I’ve seen — typical of the pub’s straightforward,
step-by step approach, which aims to show exactly how a room or garden
is put together.

Checking out two recent issues, I saw plenty of gorgeous kitchens,
and a chest of drawers I wanted to take home. I picked up a few useful
tidbits — from the name of a particular fall cabbage to plant in my
garden to the existence of a thermometer that measures temperature with
a swipe across the brow.

But wait, there’s more.

BH and G’s focus on the practical carries over into its
tightly written features on relationships, health and parenting.
According to its editor, the mag has been covering such subjects for
years. Still, who would think to look to BH and G for an
exercise routine — beyond rearranging furniture? Yet the September
issue has a short but co for ymprehensive overview of strength training.

Read the rest of Fine’s review at Magazine Rack.

Buy Better Homes and Gardens for yourself, your mom or anybody into down home craft-y goodness for less than $15. Pretty thrifty gift.

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