Better Than Ever

Learn about the redesign of Better Homes & Gardens, the magazine of the year, at AdAge, where they’ve run a wonderful feature about those behind the overhaul:

Better Homes readers, it turned out, were interested in a constant
replenishment of ideas, Ms. Butler says. "It’s not only about the
results but also about the joy [the reader] has, how much she enjoys
accomplishing things in her home. Based on that, everything we did was
to fuel her creativity, surround her with ideas, give her the direction
to accomplish what she set out to accomplish."

The changes came almost as soon as the calendar turned. With
its February 2007 issue, Better Homes introduced a redesign that added
architecture to help readers find the content they want, more white
space to rest the eye, better separation between advertising and
editorial, new typography, shorter articles, and a new emphasis on the
designers and personalities that contribute to its pages.

The results have been gratifying, not least among the
magazine’s owners at Meredith Corp. Newsstand sales, perhaps the best
measure of a title’s vitality in the short term, shot up 35.5% from the
first half of 2006, before the redesign, to the first half of 2007,
according to figures filed with the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

"We are unbelievably excited about what’s going on around here," Mr.
Sareyan says, sounding more credible than the usual crowd of magazine
executives claiming excitement. "We have taken an 85-year-old brand and
made it as exciting and vibrant and fresh as any brand out there today
– and not just as a magazine."

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