Best Vacation Destinations

iStock_000009958489SmallSt. Augustine once said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” From the wind-whipped prairies of Kansas to the majestic remains of the Roman empire to the turquoise water surrounding tropical islands, the world is filled with stunning views and breathtaking scenery. Travel expands our horizons as we experience new cultures and meet people in lands far from our own. As Mary Anne Radmacher said, “I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” If you have the desire to leave your footprints all across the globe and make friends in foreign places, why not take some time this summer to travel to a new location? Exploring a new place will widen your understanding of the world and enable you to experience the beauty and diversity of cities different from your own.

If you’re not sure where to visit, you can find tried-and-true suggestions from one of these popular travel magazines:

1.) Travel & Leisure


Each issue of Travel & Leisure magazine features stunning photography, reliable destination guides, and engaging features. The magazine is a must-read for anyone interested in leisure travel. Whether you want to stay local or travel internationally, Travel & Leisure is filled with information about countless dream destinations. With special sections devoted to the most delectable restaurants to eat at, the top hotels to stay in, and the best activities to participate in, Travel & Leisure is a relevant and reliable resource. The magazine provides plenty of invaluable suggestions about the top places to visit, as well as what to do once you’re there. Travel & Leisure is also filled with practical advice on packing, traveling, and sightseeing. Popular special issues include “The Hotels Issue,” “The Food Issue,” and the “World’s Best Awards Issue.” Want information about the top cities, islands, cruises, hotels, spas, and family vacations? Travel & Leisure will quickly become your go-to guide.

2.) Sunset Magazine

7951-MA-1-hiresIf you’re looking for the best of the west, Sunset magazine is the perfect resource for you. The regional lifestyle magazine highlights the western United States. Whether you’re planning a trip to a National Park or thinking about finding a secluded cabin in the woods, Sunset magazine is brimming with great ideas. From the best vineyards in Napa Valley to the most unforgettable views of Yosemite, Sunset magazine outlines the region’s best travel destinations, weekend getaway guides, and hot new cities to visit. Whether you want to visit the beach, mountains, or quaint towns, Sunset magazine has plenty of great ideas. Other features include seasonal gardening guides, recipes and wine pairings, and photos of beautiful homes. If you’ve been wanting to visit the western United States, this magazine will help you plan the perfect trip.



3.) National Geographic

7210-MA-1-hiresA trusted magazine for over a century, National Geographic features breathtaking images and riveting articles about science and travel. If you’re trying to figure out where to vacation this summer, a subscription to National Geographic will give you a plethora of wonderful ideas. Its sister magazine, National Geographic Traveler, is is a comprehensive travel magazine that will help you plan a trip from start to finish. The magazine is filled with suggestions on how to navigate a new area like a native. Whether you want to plan an international expedition or a day trip to a nearby city, the magazine will tell you everything you need to know about the best places to visit.