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7 Best Magazine Subscription Values in Our $7.04 Sale

704 Magazine DealsYou can get more magazines for less in our $7.04 Sale! More than 50 select magazines subscriptions are just $7.04 each, but these are the hottest of those deals!

Hopefully, you’ll be seeing plenty of fireworks later this week during your Independence Day celebrations with family and friends.

But for now, we’ll give you a preview with our star-spangled savings on some of our most popular magazine subscriptions. Just in time for July 4th, we’re offering $7.04 deals on more than 50 select magazines!

Each magazine subscription that’s part of the $7.04 Sale is just $7.04. That means you can get a few issues of a magazine you’ve been wanting to try without the long commitment or higher subscription price. Or you can get a great deal on a popular magazine subscription for less!

With the latter in mind, we thought we’d preview some of the best deals—the most magazines for the price—in the $7.04 Sale.

Good Housekeeping: Find practical advice on everything you need to manage a well-run household—food, health and child care—while also finding fashion and beauty advice in this classic magazine with an updated look. Get 11 issues for just $7.04.

Field & Stream: America’s No. 1 sportsman magazine is packed with the latest news and useful tips on hunting, fishing and conservation. It’s a popular pick among outdoorsy guys and gals, and for a limited time, the price is even better. Get 8 issues for just $7.04.

Outdoor Life: Another hit with the adventurous types, this magazine also covers hunting, fishing, boating, conservation and other outdoorsy news and tips. But it also carries stories of outdoor adventure in every issue. Get 8 issues for just $7.04.

Redbook: This classic magazine also flaunts a recent makeover and is focusing more on budget finds in fashion and beauty, and healthy living. For a limited time, give its updated content and fresh new look a try for less. Get 11 issues for just $7.04.

Esquire: This men’s magazine covers everything from style and relationships to political and social commentary for the modern man. It goes in-depth with celebrity profiles and behind the latest headlines, and you can get 10 issues for just $7.04.

Marie Claire: You know this magazine is all about style from head to toe for the ladies, but it also examines social issues as they relate to women close to home and around the globe. For a limited time, get 8 issues for just $7.04.

Woman’s Day: Get a little bit of advice on the broad topics of interest to women—family, career, money and relationships—in this magazine. Popular topics in each issue include fitness and wellness tips, budget shopping and healthy meals. Get 8 issues for just $7.04.