Us Weekly Magazine Reports: It’s ‘Love’ for Jake & Taylor


Baristas beware: better shine your espresso makers. Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift may be coming your way. The loved up stars have been embarking on a new romance, and while it’s just been 5 weeks in the percolator, Us Weekly magazine is reporting the couple is ‘in love.’

The celebrity magazine has the ‘first photos’ of Swift and Gyllenhaal, strolling along, arms ’round each other, through the streets of New York City over the Thanksgiving Day weekend. The pair made headlines last week when they showed up at a coffee shop in the Brooklyn neighborhood where Gyllenhaal’s sister Maggie and her family live.

A few days later, the happy couple showed up in Nashville, Tenn.’s local coffee shops, this time spending the weekend with Swift’s family. So far, the quality family time seems to be paying off. A source close to Swift tells the magazine, “She loves his family, and he loves hers.”

Another friend says, “It’s definitely serious.”

Seriously fast, that is.

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