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Joe Paterno at a Penn State press conference

Joe Paterno and the Penn State Scandal: Do Any Parents Still Support JoePa?

I’m a huge college football fan. I live in the Deep South where team allegiances are a part of family’s bloodlines, and where recruiting and schedules and records are discussed 365 days a year. I understand people w...
by Shannon McRae


3 Incredible Animal Stories in National Geographic Kids Magazine

I’m a sucker for a sweet animal story. My friends send me every e-mail forward about hippos who befriend dogs and squirrels who are family pets. I guess that’s why I loved all the animal stories in National Geograph...
by Shannon McRae


Raising Daughters in the Age of the Princess

Before my daughter was born, I’d wander through the girls department in clothing stores, convinced it was so much easier to find cute things for girls than it was for my little guy. But then I had my own little girl, and ...
by Shannon McRae



The Worst Magazine Covers of 2010

Everyone knows that covers sell magazines–which is why you’ve got to wonder what some editors were thinking when you take a look at our Worst Magazine Covers of 2010 list. From awkward celebs to unappetizing food, w...
by Shannon McRae


FamilyFun Magazine Falls Short on Teacher Gift Ideas

My FamilyFun magazine subscription is one of my favorites. I’m constantly marking pages for new crafts to try with kids or recipes to cook for dinner. I especially love all the real advice from other parents like me. That...
by Shannon McRae

Saving Money on Presents

5 Ways to Avoid Overspending This Holiday Season

It’s tempting to justify splurging on gifts during the holidays, but a few tips will keep you from paying for your Christmas spending well into next year. It’s the most wonderful time of year for retailers. As soon ...
by Shannon McRae