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About Summer Huggins

Summer Huggins is an amateur photographer, dog-lover, cupcake-eater and shoe-shopper in Austin, Texas. She loves to travel, cook and take in a good movie, and she volunteers with a local pet-rescue organization as a photographer and dog-walker.


Fitness With Fluffy: Self Magazine Literally Goes to the Dogs

self_august2010.jpgI’ve got three dogs at home. They’re more than dogs to me though, and when I lace up my shoes to head to the gym or even just jog through the neighborhood, they are none too happy if they get left at home. Dogs need–and enjoy–exercise too. And they love it even more when they get to be with us at the same time.

Those behind the August 2010 issue of Self magazine know this, and they’ve dedicated their fitness “Body Bonus” space to it.

Excess weight has been cited as the biggest threat to the health of America’s pets. So taking Fluffy out for a hike through the park or a jog around the neighborhood means not only some much-needed activity and calorie-burning for her, but you too.

“Get Fit With Fido” tells you everything you need to know. For example, who knew you could work your abs while playing with your dog?! Don’t forget to pack the tear-out cards and a bottle of water. You’ll both be happy that you did.


Prevention Magazine Likely More Relevant and Informative Than You Think

prevention_august2010.jpgPrevention magazine never disappoints. At least not me. I’m becoming a big fan of the magazine that for years I thought I was too young for–I considered it a magazine for my mother. In the last year, I changed my mind.

The women featured inside the magazine and on the cover look more like me–a thirty-something–these days (or maybe I look more like them). The content is always spot-on in regards to the topics I’m interested in: From the features to the departments dedicated to health, fitness and nutrition, I know when I open up each issue there will be something inside that feels like it was written just for me.

Ultimately, Prevention magazine is all about taking great care of ourselves and living the best we can. And whether we’re 21 or 71, we all want to do that!

Here are a few of my favorites from the August 2010 issue:

  • If you eat well, get plenty of exercise and sleep, and always drink plenty of water during the day, “Good Health Habits Made Better” is just for you. The article offers great ways to take your already good practices to another level.

  • “Fast Track to a Flat Belly” looks and sounds intense and awesome at the same time. They say you can see and feel results in just seven days. Uh, I’m in.
  • What’s better on a hot summer day than a cool dip in the pool? “Splash Yourself Thin” offers more than a dozen ways to incorporate some fitness around the water, whether you’re at the pool or the beach. Even if you don’t want to get your hair wet.

Cut the Confusion: Magazines Now Help Readers Locate Once-Elusive Cover Stories

Prevention Cover LegendRemember years ago when you’d see a cover blurb on the front of a magazine but could never find the referenced story inside? The words on the cover were colorful and enticing, but the headlines inside never seemed to match up. Thankfully, those days are just about over.

Many magazines–including our favorite fitness and health magazines–are now telling us exactly where to find each cover story. No bloodhound or magnifying glass required.

Prevention magazine may be my favorite example of this right now. Simply open up to their table of contents page, and there is a full legend of what’s “on the cover” at the bottom of the page. A little line points to each cover blurb and tells you exactly what page the full feature is on.

Other magazines that are doing a great job of helping readers find the cover stories:

  • Health magazine: The first section listed on the contents page is “on the cover,” telling us exactly where to find what.
  • Women’s Health magazine: The table of contents page includes a dedicated list of “features + cover stories.”
  • Self magazine: “Cover stories” get a special place on the first page of contents for each issue.
  • Whole Living magazine: The contents section of each issue features a special call-out box with each cover story highlighted inside.

I hope other publications will continue to follow this lead. It sure makes it easy for us readers to find exactly what we’re looking for.


Ready for Your Best Summer Ever? Men’s Health Magazine Shows the Way

menshealth1.jpgIt’s always entertaining and educational to flip through a men’s magazine with my set of female eyes. And why not? Men’s Health magazine covers many of the topics I’m interested in–food, fitness and fun–so it’s always enjoyable. Plus it’s always so… bold.

When flipping through the August 2010 issue, I had a hard time looking beyond the visuals to the content. The colors are bright, the design is robust, the fonts are strong. The lines are totally different than what I see in my favorite women’s magazines.

Once I tore my eyes away from the great lines and bold colors, I found myself riveted by the content. If you haven’t read the August issue yet, I think you will want too. Here are a few of the highlights….

  • With the popularity of food trucks and trailers sweeping across the country, one man bravely samples 178 street treats to bring us the very best (and steer us away from the worst). From California to Texas to NYC, see which truck or trailer food is worth your time and money and which ones should be passed by.

  • Have you ever camped out on a volcano or trekked the Himalayas? “50 Guy Trips That Will Change Your Life” offers travel suggestions that will challenge and transform you.
  • If you want to blast a few extra calories at the end of your workouts, “The Metabolic Edge” gives you several options for increasing your heart rate (and your burn rate) before you start your cool down.

Right there atop the cover, the August issue of Men’s Health magazine encourages you to have “your best summer ever,” and these features (and more) inside will have you on your way.

Can Oxygen (Magazine) Be Good for Me?

oxygen.jpgI have to be honest with you: Oxygen magazine intimidates me just a bit.

Like many of my favorite magazines, Oxygen focuses on the topics that I’m very interested in — health, nutrition and beauty. But it takes the topic of fitness to a whole new level with its full training articles and news on the fitness industry. Even the ads are vastly different from other women’s magazines. The photography in the magazine — as beautiful as it is — showcases women with bodies that just don’t seem possible or attainable to me. I admire and commend those women who can keep their bodies in such phenomenal shape.

Worried and intimidated when I got my copy of July’s issue, I opened my mind to try to find something inside just for me.

Here’s what I found:

  • Did someone say “cookies”? An Oxygen magazine reader shares a recipe for a guilt-free, protein-packed snack made with a touch of pineapple and coconut. Sounds like a perfect summertime treat!
  • “Fitness on the Fly” details a 20-minute workout that can be done while you’re traveling this summer. Heck, you don’t even have you leave home! All you need is some motivation and a resistance band.
  • And just in time for dinner, “Grill Power” showcases four recipes with less than 450 calories (including some beautiful photos of each). The article also outlines everything you’ll need before you get started. Tell your man to hand over the tongs and step aside!

Well, I did it! I found lots of content inside Oxygen magazine that made sense for me. I can’t wait to see what next month’s issue has to offer. Now if I could just get my abs to look like that…

Whole Living Magazine: New Name, Same Great Content

Whole Living.jpgThough “whole living” has been a part of the body + soul title since 2003, with the July-August 2010 issue, the magazine made the switch complete. Its new name and tagline: Whole Living, body + soul in balance.

The name change must not be a big deal–the editors only dedicated about four inches on one page to the subject. And that’s it. So we can get on to the real heart of the issue. And there is always great heart to every issue of Whole Living magazine. Here are some of the highlights in the July-August issue:

  • If you’re looking for ways to make your life greener, you’ll want to flip to page 100 and read “50 Ways to Eat Sustainably.” First, the photography is wonderful, so clean and simple. Secondly, there are some great ideas that will help you start living today.
  • If you’ve got cabin fever and are dreading your next trip to the gym, “Take It Outside” has some great ideas for getting outside of those gym walls and using nature as your playground and workout equipment.
  • I’ll be going back again to read “Sweet Victory.” This article explains the latest research about our addiction to sugar and offers some tips for breaking our habits surrounding the sweet stuff.

I’ve always loved this magazine. The photography is unique, the paper feels great in my hands, and I feel like the editors truly aim to keep my “body and soul in balance.”