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Stacey was born in Huntsville, AL., grew up in Nashville, TN, and received her informal football education at The University of Alabama. After graduating in 1992, she moved back to Nashville where she is a VP of Marketing, a wife, a mother of two dogs, and a passionate football fan. She loves the Tide, but most of all she loves the team right outside her back door, the Tennessee Titans.

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Why Santa Claus Must Be a Football Fan

Sports Magazines for ChristmasGuest blogger and sports fan Stacey Bright is having some good luck when it comes to (almost all) her football teams—and she’s thanking Santa for it.

Thank you, Santa! Alabama has made it to the BCS National Championship Game, and I have made it through the first round of my fantasy football playoffs.

Talk about luck! First, both Oregon and Kansas State lose—during the same weekend no less—that ultimately gave my beloved Crimson Tide the chance to repeat.

Then, through some shrewd manipulation of the waiver wire, I clawed my way from ninth place to fourth in my fantasy football league to clinch a playoff berth and a chance for ME to repeat!

But Santa apparently ran out of gifts when it came to the Titans. What is a fan to do when your team looks so bad? It is hard to watch the away games, but even harder to stay in your seats for an entire home game.

We played the Jets on Monday night, and at the time I wrote this, I had no idea what to expect. After reflecting on the year with a few friends, I had decided that this NFL season was so horrible for us in Tennessee because it seems like we have lost our traditions and/or superstitions.

To remedy that, I want to again be like those people on the Bud Light commercials who hold tightly to their superstitions and traditions, and most importantly, believe in them and have them work!

We, the fans, need to bring the magic back to LP Field. Maybe we got an early start on that Monday night on football’s biggest stage when the Titans beat the Jets, 14-10.

But the big win over the Steelers at home in October and ending the Jets’ playoff hopes aside—though they were great wins—there needs to be a spark that can ignite the team, the coaches and most of all the fans. We need something to root for, to believe in and to build traditions around.

Much like believing in Santa, I want to believe in the Titans. Maybe it’s time for the fans to turn it around and have the players follow. So Santa, I realize there isnʼt much else you can do for the Titans this year, but I sure could use a couple more wins in my fantasy football playoffs….



Tennessee Titans: Tailgating Is All We Have This Season—Barring Another Miracle

If you don't want to go all out for tailgating, position yourself next to someone who does.

Guest blogger Stacey Bright had higher hopes for her Tennessee Titans this year. But she’s taking solace in tailgating—and she hasn’t given up on another Music City Miracle.

Last we talked, I was optimistic about my Tennessee Titans and sitting on cloud nine with my second pick of the fantasy draft in Tom Brady.

Well, the Titans and my fantasy team have one thing in common—we are both 1-4.

So the “game-day experience” train has come off the tracks, and now it’s time to concentrate on how to just get through the rest of the season with as little emotional turmoil as possible.

I’ve lived through the 4-12 season, the 59-0 beatdown by the Patriots in the snow, so I can live through this.

Now it’s all about the tailgate. Contrary to popular belief, you can still have fun when your team just flat-out sucks. Good friends, good food and flowing libations are the key. Our group has been tailgating together since the first game when it was Adelphia Coliseum.

We’ve gone through a stadium with no name for a few years, to a name I can’t even remember, to, presently, LP Field. (Side note: I realize LP sells building products, but when I see their facades around the field I can’t help thinking of Opryland Theme Park in general, and the Angle Inn in particular. Only old school Nashvillians will understand this reference).

Now there are those that go all out for tailgating, but to me that is just too much work. It’s more about the “fellowship” than the Titans tablecloths, flowers and your best china. We have seen people bring their smokers and spend hours preparing brisket, steak and the like, to people like us who do well to grill pre-patted hamburgers and serve chips.

College kids are good tailgating friends to make because they may let you in on their games.

For some people it is more about the tailgate than the game. And those good folks have hit the mother lode, because the tailgate is all we have this year.

One key strategy I’ve learned over the years is to align yourself NEXT to the guy with the smoker (possible free food), the college kids with the cornhole game (possible entertainment) and the party people offering Jell-O shots (free…well who knows?).

Tailgating is like a family reunion, but the difference is you only have this family for five months out of the year.

Football families unite wearing their team’s jersey and razzing the opposing team’s fans as they make their walk into the stadium.

It’s not mean. It’s expected. It’s football. I’ve had to make that walk at 12 other stadiums, and it is no different at any of them than it is in Nashville. Although, it is much more fun doing it when you have a winning team.

As for this year, who knows? Miracles have happened in this stadium before….

Titans fans can expect some changes at LP Field this season.

Tennessee Titans: Best and Worst Offseason Upgrades to LP Field

Fans can expect some changes at LP Field this season as they cheer on the Titans.

Longtime football fan and Tennessee Titans devotee Stacey Bright shares the inside scoop on LP Field’s best and worst upgrades ahead of the home team’s regular season kickoff.

Greetings, football fans! Because Iʼve had PSLs since the Titans moved to town, have attended every home game except three, watched games in eight other NFL stadiums, and been a football junkie since my days as a student at the University of Alabama (ROLL TIDE), Iʼve been asked to blog throughout the season about the gameday experience at LP Field.

Iʼll be blogging about the best ways to secure tickets, places to park, tailgating options, etc. And, because I canʼt help myself, Iʼll be sharing my opinions on Titans football and updates on my fantasy football team.

Today I will concentrate on all of the upgrades made to our stadium during the offseason. Below are my best and worst of the new improvements.


1. Titantron. While I think the name is a little contrived, I love the new Titantron. Itʼs crystal clear and is the largest outdoor screen in the league. You can actually see the replays and highlights, unlike watching our former “Jumbotron,” which was not so aptly titled.

2. Sound system. Instead of two mountains of speakers blasting away at either end zone, we now have individual speakers surrounding the upper and lower bowl. While seemingly a small change, when you have been have been audibly pummeled through a mass of speakers cranked to 11 by peppy radio personalities for 12 seasons, the balance of the new sound system is heavenly.

3. Extra pat down stations outside the gates. Not that I enjoy being patted down, but this should help speed up the process of getting through the gate. Bonus tip for men: Please refrain from approaching a female security guard and trying some bad attempt at humor about patting you down. Itʼs a lame joke, we ALL hear it thousands of times a game, itʼs getting old, please give it a rest. Thanks.


1. Celebratory music. I have always been impressed with the music at our stadium. We have the “footballʼ standards (Crazy Train), the “Nashville” standards (Johnny Cash), and some current pop/hip-hop hits. But this year they give us Nickelback for every touchdown? Really? For the love of God, if someone from the Titans is reading this, please do not make me listen to that band every time we score.

2. No respect. Whatʼs up with the removal of Steve McNairʼs banner and the ring of honor. I realize they need room for the video running boards, but these are the players that took us to the Super Bowl, the players that gave us the “Music City Miracle” and the players that made Nashvillians fall in love with pro football. Come on, show some respect!

3. More elevators. Seriously? While there are those who legitimately need assistance to the upper decks, if every able-bodied fan chose to get a little exercise instead of jamming the EXISTING elevators, there would be no need for the new giant concrete pillars that are clogged with a line of perfectly healthy nacho-pounding beer drinkers, blocking access to my favorite womenʼs restroom. There, I said it.

In closing, do I think the Titans will win their home opener against the Patriots? Probably not. BUT, Brady is a statue with a subpar offensive line, so if our D-line can keep up the pressure like it did in the preseason, we have a chance. And while I did draft Brady first in my fantasy draft, Iʼm considering benching him out of loyalty. Thoughts?

Enjoy the game. I know I will. Until next time.