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Moll Anderson is an accomplished interior designer and lifestyle expert who infused the interior design world with a fresh new way of thinking with her first book, Change Your Home, Change Your Life®. She is known for her sensory-scaped approach to design featured in her newest book The Seductive Home™. Anderson, an Emmy-winning entertainment reporter, has served as guest and designer on national television shows and has been featured in popular women’s magazines. Get to know Moll Anderson at

Moll Anderson Say It with Flowers Feature Image

Moll Anderson’s Advice on How To Change Your Home and Change Your Life with Flowers

Photo by Beall + Thomas

Would you believe me if I said a fresh bunch of beautiful flowers could change your life? I believe that if you change your home, you also change your life. Making any change to your home—that first coat of paint, that choice of drapes, that small vase of roses—means you have taken the first step on a new path. These changes, though seemingly small, begin to stir positive energy into your soul!

Start this forward movement with just one simple must-have item: flowers! They evoke sensory responses through both sight and smell, and have the potential to brighten the blandest of spaces instantly!

Photo by AK Vogel

For spring think big blooms and bright colors—a nice pop of color will add energy to your space. A fabulous floral arrangement or a couple of simple stems will do the trick of bringing in the exact vibe you want your home to have. All you need to do is decide what you want your home to say! And the best part is that you can change it up as much as you like!

Say It with Flowers
Flowers have personality and can represent a myriad of different meanings:

Red Rose: Love and passion
Pink Rose: Beauty
Orchid: Luxury
Daisy: Innocence
Yellow Tulip: Hopelessly in love
Azalea: Self-control
Peonies: Romance

Photo by Beall + Thomas

Power of the Flower
The mere presence of flowers in your home will increase the amount of romance you feel. So, don’t underestimate the power of the flower! When creating the ultimate stage for romance I’ve always said, “Dim the lights, turn on the music and fill the room with gorgeous flowers!” Now that’s a seductive home. Go ahead and take the first step to changing your home. Stop at the grocery or your local florist and pick up a dozen of whatever flower speaks to you!

What are you waiting for?

Find more suggestions on floral arrangements in Flowers& Magazine.

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Moll Anderson Spring Feature Image

Versatile Vases: Moll Anderson’s Tips on How You Can Use One Great Item for Many Parties

Garden Party Table

Vases are one of my favorite versatile—and affordable—items that you can use over and over again as centerpieces at many different parties. I’m always searching for cool matching vases at great prices. You can find them anywhere from online stores to TJ Maxx or Home Goods to a floral wholesaler. You don’t need a huge variety of different vases, just a few of the same kind will do.

Here are two examples of recent parties in which I used vases as centerpieces and how you can too:

Backyard Town and Country Garden Picnic
For the casual elegance of an afternoon lunch, I used the large vase and filled the base with green apples and poured water over the top. Above the apples, I arranged pink peonies (one of the most sensual flowers you can get) and green hydrangeas; then filled in with greens from my backyard to save a little extra money. The arrangement turned out to be elegant and a real show stopper. Ambiance is easy during the daytime by simply using the beauty of your yard. Trays of chilled champagne and goblets of iced tea topped off the afternoon with an elegant touch.

South Beach Party Table

South Beach-Themed College Graduation Bash
In celebrating the most recent college graduate from the family, I wanted to create a hip, cool South Beach vibe. Here’s a perfect example of getting the most out of your budget by saving where you can. It was a nighttime party, so more accessories were necessary to create a hot and modern South Beach vibe—like Pucci-esque table cloths, ghost chairs, neon lighting and of course a DJ to send pulsating music throughout the evening. I wanted to use what we already had for our centerpiece, by using the same vase from the garden party but switching up the style of arrangement. This one is super chic and super cheap.

For this centerpiece, just add black, smooth stones (you can find them anywhere from Z Gallerie to World Market to your local craft store) to the bottom of the vase, enough to reach just about two inches high. Next, fill the vase with water to about four inches above the rocks. Then, snip the tops off of four fabulous hot pink Gerber daisies, and let them float on top of the water! Voilà! Cool and minty mojitos chilled the hot “South Beach” evening and kept the party going.

Remember, when choosing a vase, clear glass is the most practical and versatile. It can look completely different every time. Cost per use is the key here. Using the same vases over and over with a new look will get you to the point where they become practically free!

Whether you use the container with a few beautiful blooms tucked inside or make a statement with stems spilling out the top, it’s easy to come up with a new fresh look every time you entertain. Then you can spend more time enjoying the planning of your next party and spend less cash.

For more centerpiece suggestions subscribe to Better Homes & Gardens magazine.

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Moll Anderson Destination Inspiration

Moll Anderson’s Inspiration Destination

This is a room at my seductive Southwestern home!

For most of us home is our destination at the end of the day. If you don’t feel like it’s your getaway from the world—if you’d rather be somewhere else—then you need to do something about it today. So, how do you make your home a destination that you desire?

Think back to a special time and place–use whatever reminds you of this place, whether an island resort or a mountain cabin you visited as a child. It might even be that gorgeous home you saw in a magazine. If it knocked you out or evoked some feeling deep inside you, then you’re off to a good start.

The goal is to help you realize that home can be the destination you hurry back to. I want you to create a space that makes coming home feel like a luxurious place that invites you in and relieves the stress of the day.

This rug brings the exact vibe I needed to create this destination.

In order to create that destination, you must set up your space so that you can live your life in an atmosphere that has the essence of a vacation. How? It’s really so easy. It’s about taking ideas from things you love and places you’ve visited, from moments and experiences that have affected you and your loved ones in a very special way.

Then transform your space to help you create a lifestyle that you have only dreamed of. Your dream needn’t start with the whole house. Begin with a room–or a corner of a room. It’s up to you. The idea is to just get started, to make the first changes that will affect your life. I promise you this: if you begin to change your home, you’ll be off to a running start to change your life!

What are you waiting for?


For more ideas on creating an inspiration destination subscribe to Travel + Leisure magazine. Find more of my decorating tips and photos at

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Moll Anderson Fabric Feature Image

Moll Anderson’s Guide to Sensory-Scaping with Fabric

One of the most telling elements in a home is fabric. It adds texture and so much personality. From natural linens and casual cottons to luxurious leathers and lush velvets, fabric provides the ultimate final touch. And that bit of pizzazz really spices up the style in your space.

One of the few design elements geared to the sense of touch, fabric welcomes you with comfort. So I challenge you to play dress-up with your sensory-scaping, and find a fabric that fits your mood. Select fabric that satisfies your own personal sense of touch and try to keep a classic color palette in mind, too. If you were to go with bold or wacky colors or patterns for furniture upholstery, you’re likely to tire of them easily. So, go with the color or pattern that draws you in peacefully. Some fabric patterns, while cool to look at, can cause you to feel uneasy subconsciously! For example, a chevron pattern can transform your space into looking hip but the zigzags may leave you feeling a bit scattered! Your home should be a sanctuary of calm and relaxation so choose patterns that evoke those emotions.

Whether you’re looking for fabric to make window treatments, pillows or throws, or to upholster your furniture, if you make good, solid choices, classic pieces can follow you from your first apartment to a condo to your dream home. In your home a few essential classics let you create a look that’s casual, trendy, romantic or sophisticated, simply by adding the right accessories.

Always think about your lifestyle when choosing fabrics. If you have young children, think twice before purchasing white linen. Do you really want to be watching over the furniture instead of your children? With hundreds of fabrics and every color and texture to choose from, you can pick the ones that are family-friendly and that accomplish just the effect you want.

So find your ultimate fabrics and give them the real test: do they feel good to your touch? Would you want to wear a piece of clothing made from it? If you do, there’s a pretty good chance they are perfect for your home. Fabrics don’t have to be expensive—you just have to want to touch them!

How will you play dress up in your home with fabric?

What are you waiting for?

For more fabric inspiration subscribe to Veranda magazine.

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Moll Anderson black and white feature image

Moll Anderson’s Tips to Adding Special Touches to Your Home Decor

You’ve heard me say time and again that a seductive home is not about extravagance, but instead it’s about doing the best with what you have available to you! A seductive home caters to your personal special touches and makes you feel better the moment you walk in the door.

Just as extra thick towels and a feather duvet can make a hotel room something more than just a place to spend the night, a few special touches can transform a simple functional room into something luxurious.

To start simple, take this approach room by room; I suggest starting in the most important room in your home, the bedroom!


  • Determine your budget, but remember that the first thing on your list has to be a great mattress!
  • Enjoy the seductiveness that comes with excellent sheets, remember the higher the thread count—the better they will feel! Experiment with the touch-feel test and go with the sheets that feel the best to you!
  • Think clean and sleek lines. Your bedroom doesn’t need to be filled with furniture to be fabulous. A Zen room with a simple bed on a platform, a large vase with curly willows, and a couple of fabulous pillows might be just the place to bring you calm and comfort.
  • Save the family photos for the family room. Photos of parents or kids tend to squash the romance!
  • Never forget to make your bed in the morning and fluff your pillows…it’s much more inviting than an unmade bed or a bed with clutter!


  • Keep your toiletries out of eyesight by tucking them away in baskets.
  • Display pretty containers of bath salts, fizzes, or oils!
  • Have fun with your towels! Fold them in a new way or roll and place them in a cool basket, or stack them neatly on a bench—just as you might see at a luxury hotel!
  • Keep fresh flowers by the sink to add a pop of color and brighten your mood.

Living room:

  • An easy way to bring in a new color is to find a soft, colorful throw blanket. Drape it over a chair or the edge of your couch to lighten it up.
  • Dim the lights and light candles.
  • Rearrange your art! It’s an inexpensive way to change the vibe in your living space.

You are the most important person to step foot into your home and these easy changes can make it feel that much more special to you! Take the ordinary and create extraordinary with these simple tips!

Which room will you start transforming? Share your comments below.

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Find more home tips from Romantic Homes magazine.

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At Home with Moll Anderson

Moll Anderson Asks “What does your home say about you?”

Moll Anderson HomeI always explain to my people that our homes are reflections of who we are—because it’s true. We all want to believe that we’re not judged by our appearances, or by the appearances  of our homes, but who are we kidding? We are! And whether we like it or not, we do make first impressions and they do count!

Your home is a reflection of your inner self, and it says so much more about you than you may have thought possible. Have you ever said to yourself, “If these walls could talk”? Well, they do! What does your home say about you?

What would you say if I said to you that your home reflects your soul? Think about it. What was the state of your home when you left for work this morning? Did you make your  bed when you got up so that your linens look fresh and inviting when it’s time to snuggle back into them? Or is   your bed in complete shambles from a night of tossing and turning? Did you wash the breakfast dishes so that you won’t dread coming home to them tonight, or are they piled up with dried food on them so that it will take twice as long to clean them later?

Just like our home, we reflect what’s going on inside of us. Our souls—our gut instincts—can be a barometer for what’s going well and for what’s not going so well. If our lives are crazy-busy, or if we’re stuck some place, we tend to let things go. Or, it can simply be a matter of poor habits. The point is we often don’t take the time to do the little things that make such a difference to ourselves and to our families.

From the outside looking in: When you go home tonight, walk up to your front door as if you are a complete stranger. Ask yourself some questions about what you see. Observe what your home looks like to the rest of the world and if it doesn’t reflect who you are and the message you want to send to the outside world, then it is time to make some changes. Share your thoughts here about your observations of your home and let me know what you want your home to say about you?

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