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Moll Anderson is an accomplished interior designer and lifestyle expert who infused the interior design world with a fresh new way of thinking with her first book, Change Your Home, Change Your Life®. She is known for her sensory-scaped approach to design featured in her newest book The Seductive Home™. Anderson, an Emmy-winning entertainment reporter, has served as guest and designer on national television shows and has been featured in popular women’s magazines. Get to know Moll Anderson at

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Moll Anderson’s Guide to Easier-Than-You-Think Summer Party Foods

Change Your Home, Change Your Life® (2006)

When you think of summer entertaining, don’t think you suddenly need to transform yourself into a gourmet chef to make your get-together a culinary success. Pay attention to just a few simple details and you can add just enough flair to dress up any party—whether it’s planned in a few weeks—or just a few hours—in advance!

Whether you’ve got a from-scratch meal on the menu or you’re relying on store-bought hors d’oeuvres, incorporating any of these elements will instantly add that little something extra that will make your guests feel welcome and special in your own seductive home. After all, they are the most important ingredients to any party!

Colorful Fruits and Veggies
Add color and healthy finger foods to your table by serving trays of fruits and veggies. Be sure to mix in something exotic like kiwis or pomegranates in with peaches, pineapple or strawberries! For a cold treat, you can also freeze raspberries, grapes and strawberries and use them as ice cubes in refreshing beverages!

Say Cheese!
Nothing dresses up a table like a cheese plate—and nothing is easier to prepare. In fact, this party-ready purchase will just about serve itself! For a very chic touch, add garnish with red and green seedless grapes.

On their own, olives instantly lend a little luxury to any party spread. There’s plenty of options out there, but opt for ones stuffed with delicacies like jalapeños and blue cheese for extra decadence! In my opinion, the spicier the better!

Dips and Salsas
Banish the blah from your table by opting for dips and salsas a step above everyday standbys. Think a chipotle ranch rather than just ranch or a salsa flavored with hints of summery mango or pineapple.

Frozen Appetizers
Even if you don’t feel comfortable in the kitchen, you can impress your guests with an assortment of thaw-and-bake treats. Provide decadent garnishes or dips and serve on a great platter.

Cocktail Napkins
Forget boring white or solid color napkins. Opt for funky patterns or fun sayings to add a little personality to your party—and maybe even get the conversation going!

Create Your Own…
Whether it’s mini pizzas, tacos or ice cream cones, allow your guests to express their personalities on their plates. They’ll love the personal touch, and providing lots of options and toppings is simple!

Presentation is everything! Even if you whip up something at the last minute, you can make it look gourmet by serving it on a beautiful platter or in some other unique way, like serving fruit in a scooped out melon or fill colorful peppers with dips.

Remember that you set the tone for your get-together. It’s your party, from what you wear to what you serve. Be the hostess with the mostess, always let your guests know what the attire is and the type of vibe you are going for in advance.

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Moll Anderson’s Top 10 Tips for Summer Entertaining

When the weather heats up, it’s time to move the party outdoors! Whether you’re taking advantage of a sunny afternoon or a cooler evening, you can make the most of a summer soiree by incorporating these simple—but important—details that add pizzazz to any casual get-together.

The best thing is you don’t have to spend a lot to create an inviting atmosphere your guests will love. In fact, all you need are some basics and a few statement pieces that can be easily re-purposed for other events, occasions and holidays. Like I’ve said many times before, it’s the decadent details like these that can make the biggest difference!

As you get those parties started this summer, try these 10 tips that are sure to make you a hit as the hostess and your entertaining an unforgettable experience.

1. Forget the paper and plastic and use real silverware and napkins to add an elegant touch to your tablescapes. We aren’t throwing a tailgate party here; we are creating ambiance!

Photo by Jason Doiy. ©2011. All Rights Reserved.

2. Better dishes add to the atmosphere too, but you can opt for non-breakable melamine to avoid any accidental breaks.

3. Create cozier settings for your guests by using umbrellas and small tents to construct spaces ideal for socializing.

4. Candles, lanterns and inexpensive lighting, such as white twinkle lights, can have the same effect, particularly in setting the stage for evening parties.

5. Big bold blooms like sunflowers placed in cans or pitchers can make for centerpieces with lots of character. Go ahead and express yourself!

6. You can add natural scents to your tablescape by using fruit centerpieces that can also be used as garnishes for drinks if you run out.

7. Don’t forget to add color, color, color! Choose shades that evoke the mood you want to set, then use scarves from your own closet to drape across the table.

8. Get fancy with displaying place cards. Gather inspiration from your favorite things in nature, like shells or other summery items.

9. Spend just a little more on large vases and oversized pillars for candles, then let your imagination take over. Fill vases with fruit, flowers or both!

10. Every party needs a soundtrack. Create playlists that complement your party atmosphere and then turn up the music!

For more summer entertaining inspiration, visit my Summer Entertaining board on Pinterest.

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Moll Anderson Takes Seduction to the Airwaves

I’m thrilled to announce that one of my lifelong dreams is quickly becoming a reality! Beginning June 23, I’ll be taking to the airwaves to share my seductive lifestyle with listeners across the nation. “The Moll Anderson Show” will be a one-hour program on XM Satellite Radio Talk 168 each Saturday (2-3 p.m. PT, 5-6 p.m. ET). I’ll be welcoming guests, taking listener calls, and offering advice to help listeners strike a balance of their hectic schedules while keeping romance alive in both their homes and relationships!

Tune in this Saturday on my debut show to discover how to bring to life the fantasy world of the ever-popular Fifty Shades of Grey book. I want listeners to use their imagination to spark romance! We sometimes get lost in the hustle of kids, schedules and “real life.” It’s important to get back to romance: seducing your partner, filling your spaces with sensual ambiance. Bring hot colors and fantasy full force into your home! And pay attention to the one you love!

I want listeners to think of me as their trusted personal life and style expert, someone who can help them transform their homes, their lives and their relationships from the inside out.

Invite your romantic imagination to go wild and tune in this Saturday to XM Talk Satellite Radio 168!

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Moll Anderson’s Guide to Spicing Up Your Life

I’m here to get your libido pumping this week. Let’s talk aphrodisiacs—food or drink that stimulate sexual desire. Aphrodisiacs are essentially substances that cause excitement. And who doesn’t need a little excitement?

The word aphrodisiac comes from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexuality and love. The truest form of an aphrodisiac creates desire. Romance isn’t just about the food you eat at dinner; it’s really about creating an environment that allows your mind to let go and be receptive to being seduced. In sensuality and in life we must always remember that it’s all about your mindset! While some food components allegedly increase libido for desire by their shape or appearance, others have certain chemicals that contribute to your sensual well-being.

In any case aphrodisiacs are a fun excuse for you and your partner to experiment with food! Here are a couple of suggestions to add to your weekly menu that just might spice up your life:

An aromatic spice beneficial for treating impotence, it is also high in cineole, which can increase blood flow to areas in which it is applied.

One of the most well known aphrodisiacs is chocolate! Chocolate contains phenylethylamine and serotonin, which are both “feel good” chemicals. These chemicals kick in and produce euphoric feelings when we are happy or in love.

Chili peppers
Peppers mimic the physiological effects on our bodies that we experience during sex.

Ginger has been deemed an aphrodisiac for its scent and stimulation of the circulatory system.

During the Medieval times, couples drank beverages made from honey, to promote sexual desire. In ancient Persia, couples drank mead every day for a month (known as the “honey month” a.k.a. “honeymoon”) after they were married in order to get in the right frame of mind for a successful marriage.

These shellfish have been dated back to ancient Roman documents for their aphrodisiac properties. These shooters are chalked with zinc, which controls progesterone levels and have a positive effect on the libido.

Once feared as poison, then considered an aphrodisiac, the “love apple” now adds its bright color and delicious flesh to nearly any dish you like.

So get ready for romance, set your atmosphere and go spicy.

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Moll Anderson’s Seductive Palette™ Challenge

Did you realize that the colors you don speak volumes about you? There are thousands of colors for every shade to express who you want to be—a flirtatious fun loving single woman, or maybe even a sexy seductress wife—different colors convey different meanings.

This week I encourage you to take the seductive palette™ challenge! You can bring these hues into your daily life in any way you desire! I want you to let the desire for fun, fabulous hues take over and allow the zest of radiant shades enliven your days. There are a myriad of brilliant colors to choose from, but don’t over think it—go with what makes your heart happy. Taking this easy step to a more vibrant life will leave you feeling more energetic and can quickly elevate your mood. Color holds a great power to add a splash of wow to your daily routine.

7 Days of Seductive

Monday: Rev It Up Red
Starting your week off with the color red will keep you in touch with your sensual side all week long. The more in touch you become with your sensuality, the more you will realize how vital it is to awaken your spirit and live every day in an atmosphere that fuels your passion. If you have any ruby jewelry, break it out and give it a good wearing! If you don’t own anything ruby, you can purchase look-a-likes for an inexpensive but still satisfying look.

Tuesday: I Love Me Pink

This dose of pink will enthusiastically inspire you to truly love yourself and everyone else. It’s the universal color of love—it has the power to soothe the heart and fill it with joy, peace, playfulness and tenderness. Not everyone feels comfortable wearing the color pink, so how about a gorgeous pink lip—there are a multitude of different shades of pink that will keep you blushing all day long!

Wednesday: Orange You Brave
To get over the hump of the week, let’s go orange. Pick up some vivid florals to get the energy up in your space! Tulips, lilies, or roses would all be fantastic choices to keep the orange color in your home for the rest of the week!

Thursday: Lift Me Up Lemon
Start your Thursday off right with a burst of loud! Think—a yellow cardigan, scarf or bracelet! Your day will be filled with cheerfulness and will be infectious to everyone around you. Your sunny and dynamic apparel will be sure to leave them feeling bright.

Friday: In the Lime Light

By the time Friday rolls around, you need to shine the light on those desires you have tucked back into the darkness of your mind, and it’s time to start living front and center! I’m all for a luminous nail color and I think a lime green is just the way to go, you see your nails a lot during that day—so it will refresh your focus nearly constantly.

Saturday: Charismatic Cerulean
Blue is the color of mental clarity and intelligence. So, think about incorporating blue into your home so that you feel this way all the time! Clear the clutter out and turn anything negative into a positive. If there is a room in your home that you just don’t feel connected to, I suggest bringing in some blue; new pillows on the couch, new rug in the kitchen, or maybe a stack of new towels in your guest bathroom? Whatever compels you, just do it!

Sunday: Vivacious Violet
Spend Sunday in a state of purple relaxation—purple encourages deep contemplation and mediation and will soothe you into a peaceful place. Indulge in a purple haze by setting up an amethyst scene in your home. A simple breakfast in bed tray will be just perfect! The color purple will help you heal from the week and get you ready to take on the next!

For more suggestions on bringing in color to your life, subscribe to InStyle magazine.

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Moll Anderson’s Tips on Bringing Sexy Back to Your Vacation Stay

The summer months are here and I’m eager to share my vacation tips with you so that you can prepare for the most seductive vacation celebration yet!

Depending on your plans you are most likely renting a vacation place or are arranging a stay at a hotel or resort. But, what if your destination isn’t quite as seductive as the advertising promises? How do you salvage your romantic rendezvous? I’m going to tell you how to bring the sexy back to your stay!

First and foremost, your state of mind is an extremely important aspect of starting out on a great vacation. So, make an agreement with your partner ahead of time that no matter what, you both are going to the make the best out of anything this trip throws at you! There’s nothing worse than anticipating a perfect setting and then being disappointed upon arrival. It’s easy to get swept up into negativity, but don’t! To ensure this won’t happen, here are a few things you’ll want to take along for the ride or pick up once you arrive at your destination.

It all starts with the basics whether it’s a vacation rental home.

Seductive Vacation Getaway Essentials:
This is a great time to incorporate sexy sheets, fluffy new pillows and luxury towels
A framed favorite photo of the two of you
Some silky loungewear and robes (think about things you might normally not wear around the house)
Special hand and body soaps, bath salts, massage oils, shampoo and other personal toiletries
Your favorite scented candles

Medications, just in case (I always travel with antibiotics and extra medicines such as; Pepto Bismol, Imodium, aspirin, Advil, first aid kit)

Liquor Store:
(if the grocery store does not carry what you need)
Think ahead—what are your favorite wines, vacation drinks: pina coladas, margaritas, martinis, etc. The idea of this plan is to feel like you are at a luxurious resort.

Remember, presentation is everything so pick up two great glasses specifically designed for your favorite cocktail. Don’t forget about the accessories: umbrellas, toothpicks, olives, shaker, ice bucket, corkscrew / bottle opener. If you don’t have access to a blender there are many great pre-made versions you can pick up or simply serve over ice.

Kitchen Essentials (if you have one available):
You may not actually want to cook. So, think about picking up some special things you’ve been wanting to try like exotic salsas, chips, tapenades, olives, cheeses, Italian bread, crackers and fruits.

Favorite spices and seasonings if you plan on cooking and grilling, including salt and pepper
Condiments (perhaps in individually-sized packets)
Coffee or tea, cream and sugar
Favorite sharp kitchen knife
Aluminum foil (handy for wrapping leftovers and for grilling)
Extra toilet paper, tissues, paper towels and trash bags
Laundry detergent, if you plan to wash clothes

iPod, DVDs, Boombox, portable speakers
Make a seductive playlist ahead of time

Photo by Beall + Thomas

All the best resorts have fresh florals in your room so you need to do the same for yourself. Bring two small vases for the bedside tables and one larger for a bouquet you can throw together for a tablescape.

Location-specific and Seasonal Items:
Insect repellent, bright colorful beach towels and sunscreen
Sports equipment if wanted
Reading material, board games

What if I’m Flying to My Destination?
Don’t try to carry crazy items in your suitcase like olive oil or firewood. (Stop at the store after arrival to the town of your destination when you first get there so you don’t have to leave your hotel or house and waste precious time.) Plan your menus ahead so you can spend a short amount of time at the grocery store. But you can bring small kitchen items, spices and a corkscrew in your suitcase without difficulty. Be sure to check the Transportation Security Administration’s list of prohibited items if you’re flying to or from the U.S.

You can have fun anywhere if you are prepared to create a seductive environment.

For more vacation tips subscribe to Travel + Leisure magazine.

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