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Moll Anderson is an accomplished interior designer and lifestyle expert who infused the interior design world with a fresh new way of thinking with her first book, Change Your Home, Change Your Life®. She is known for her sensory-scaped approach to design featured in her newest book The Seductive Home™. Anderson, an Emmy-winning entertainment reporter, has served as guest and designer on national television shows and has been featured in popular women’s magazines. Get to know Moll Anderson at

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Moll Anderson’s Guide to Finding Your Muse

Photo credit: Michael Gomez Photography

February is the month that turns our thoughts to love. And with Valentine’s Day arriving in just a few short weeks, now is a good time to start planning ahead for a seductive dinner for two with your partner.

With a few simple tips, you can arrange a romantic and even exotic getaway to celebrate your love right in your own home.

Remember, it’s all about the drama, baby! The fun kind of drama that makes your spouse or partner feel so special; because you created a theme that is intoxicating and super sexy. So, I say step it up! You would be amazed at how your imagination will be triggered when you zero in on something that will spark an idea for a theme.

What inspired me was my silver samurai statue. I grabbed him off a pile of books on an end table and decided to create a “Samurai Night.”

With a sushi-inspired menu and my Asian-inspired attire, I created a romantic, exotic escape for two without leaving my home

Photo credit: John Hall Photography

Once you have your theme in mind, make a list of the items you will need to gather to make your setting come to life.

When you do a little planning ahead you will not only find the best deals, but you will also incorporate a lot of what you already have.

For more inspiring ideas for creating dinners for two, pre-order your copy of my new book Seductive Tables For Two here.


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A New Year’s Seductive Celebration

New Year's Table for TwoA seductive table for two is the perfect way to ring in the New Year with the one you love, all you need to do is create the atmosphere for romance. Atmosphere is everything! All you need to do to create the ambiance is my five must-haves color, fabric, lighting, music, and flowers. For a New Year’s celebration don’t be afraid of going over the top-sometimes a surge of sparkle and extravagance will heighten your senses and transport you into a romantic fairytale full of glitz and glamour you’ve only been dreaming about.

Color: The colors you choose for your seductive tablescape will set
the vibe for your dining experience. For a festive New Year’s celebration, add some sparkle. Choose a setting of black or white and add some gold and silver to draw your attention and evoke a sensual response.

Fabric: Linens can add that bit of pizzazz to spice up your table.
Fabric is one of the must-haves where you can include a little glitz-and glam. Add the shimmer in your tablecloth, placemats or napkins.

Lighting: Candles are one of my most essential must-haves when
creating a seductive home, seductive table for two, or sensual
celebration! There’s nothing like the flicker of candlelight! Candles in votives placed in large quantities all over the room is a fabulous way to illuminate your celebration, create drama and bring on the “wow” factor.

Music: Decorate your table with sound. Not only can music ripple
through a room with incredible power, but it can also bring a new
spark to your relationship. A personalized playlist for New Year’s eve will help create the ambience you desire.

Moll Anderson New Year's ChampagneFlowers: The sensual smell of flowers is a must. Every table needs a focal point, and a beautiful centerpiece of flowers will set the tone for the table.

For a celebration for New Year’s, don’t forget to add a touch of playfulness to your table for your New Year’s celebration. Incorporate unexpected and whimsical elements like clocks that countdown to a kiss, and party horns, confetti and personalized place cards. This is one of those times that there is truly no excuse for not creating a seductively festive setting. Start this New Year off right with a resolution for romance!

Find more entertaining tips and recipes for romance, order your copy of my new book, Seductive Tables For Two.

Listen in to The Moll Anderson Show, on Saturday, Dec 29th, 2:00 PST, 5:00 EST, for the all the best highlights of the fall shows. And, don’t miss my holiday party planning tips.

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What’s In Your Stocking This Year?

Christmas Stockings

Photo credit: beall + thomas photography

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…” is a famous line from Clement Moore’s Christmas poem, “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” But have you ever wondered why we hang stockings? Although most countries have their own variations on Santa, the oldest reference to St. Nicholas goes as far back as the third century. One of the stories involves St. Nick passing by the homes of maidens that were too poor to afford a dowry (money that a bride gives to her groom for their wedding). The kind-spirited bishop would throw gold coins down the chimneys of these maidens, where they would fall into stockings, which were hung over the fire to dry.

In our home, we love having the tradition of stockings for all our kids and now our granddaughter. The difference is they are not filled with gold coins. We fill the stockings with fun items that don’t cost a lot of money but everyone loves and counts on getting. For girls you might think about getting the new trend in lip gloss and nail polishes or fun bangles and earrings. For guys think fun cufflinks, socks, shaving essentials and CD’s. The idea is that no matter how small the gift, it gets wrapped completely. The whole family gets to take their time unwrapping and spending more family time together.

It’s not to late to order your copy of my newest book, Seductive Tables For Two for holiday giving. I share more entertaining tips for year-round celebrations.

Join me this Saturday on The Moll Anderson Show, for the Christmas Countdown show, 2pm PST, 5 pm EST. Katie Kitchens from shares fun ways to lose fat without losing the Christmas spirit, and Maz Durbin from calls in with the latest holiday fashion trends, just in time for your New Year’s Eve celebration.

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Moll Anderson’s Gift Giving Present-ation

Red Bird Gift Wrap

Photo Credit: beall + thomas photography

My “presentation-is-everything” philosophy carries over into my home, my style, and my life, and nothing speaks more to presentation than a beautifully wrapped gift. Once you take the time to choose the right gift for someone, don’t neglect the presentation. Your gift will feel all the more special because you have taken the time and effort to present a beautiful package. Whatever you choose to hold your gift, remember to embellish it with decadent details. Get creative with wrapping paper, ribbon, and tags. Choose colors and patterns of paper and ribbon to coordinate with a theme or fit your décor, or make your selections to fit the recipient.

There are many creative ways to personalize a gift, outside the traditional wrapping paper and box. Here are a few ideas to inspire your gift presentations with your partner’s favorite interests in mind.

• Use a map from your favorite vacation or a dreamed-about future destination.
• Newspaper is always an option to try- the sports section for the sports fanatic, or even the front page from an important date.
• Craft stores offer colorful, archival boxes. Make copies of your favorite photographs, and mementos and decoupage them on the box.
Moll Anderson's Christmas Closet• Home improvement stores sell paint cans and buckets that can be filled with surprises. Use brightly colored tissue or shredded paper to hide the gift.
• Instead of wrapping a tie in a box, use his neckwear to wrap the box or other surprise.
• Chinese take-out boxes come in a variety many sizes and can be personalized.
• Themed gift baskets make for a great presentation. Just remember when wrapping a basket with cellophane or paper, to use 3 times the size of the gift for the perfect amount of paper!

For more inspiration this holiday season, check out my new book Seductive Tables For Two.

Tune in this Saturday to The Moll Anderson Show, 2pm PST, 5pm EST. Comedian and writer Carrie Seim is back to talk about some great ideas for holiday giving, and
go-to girl Tara Hitchcock calls in to dish on the latest in Hollywood

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Celebrating Hanukkah With The One You Love

Hanukkah Night Cap Table

Photo credit: beall + thomas photography

While Christmas celebrates birth, the winter holiday of Hanukkah commemorates rebirth—the re-establishment of Jerusalem’s historic second temple and the renewal of faith embraced by modern Jews worldwide.

According to the ancient story, when the Jews rededicated the holy temple, there was very little oil remaining to light the Temple menorah (candelabra) since the bulk of the lamp oil had been polluted. But the oil they had, which was only enough for one day, miraculously lasted eight days. This is considered to be the origin of the eight-day celebration of Hanukkah, known as the “Festival of Lights.” Similarly, the contemporary nine-branched Hanukkah menorah, also called a “chanukiah,” is a tribute to the seven-branched solid gold candelabra used in the Temple long ago.

Snowflake Napkin Ring

Photo credit: beall + thomas photography

Here I was inspired by the traditional palette of blue and white seen in annual Hanukkah celebrations, a warm midnight blue well-complemented by the warmth of candlelight. Take one of these nights to celebrate the miracle of love between you and your partner.

If you exchange gifts during these nights, maybe think about revolving your theme around the gift you’ve given  them.

I encourage you to have fun with this evening, blending tradition with creativity! I used ornaments as napkin ring holders and added some glittering birds to an arrangement of white roses.

Instead of a full-blown dinner, I also made this table a nightcap. A tray of desserts, fruit, and two glasses of wine set the tone for this elegant and meaningful night in.

For more inspiration for holiday celebrations, check out my new book Seductive Tables for Two.

Drop in Saturday and listen to The Moll Anderson Show, 2pm PST, 5 pm EST as comedian and writer Carrie Seim shares how to reduce the stress of holiday travel, and Tara Hitchcock gives me the scoop on upcoming holiday movies.

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Moll Anderson Seductive Holiday Table for Two

Moll Anderson’s Christmas Tree Trimming Tips

Photo credit: beall + thomas photography

One of the many wonderful traditions of celebrating Christmas is adorning the tree with collections of found treasures, and beautiful embellishments, and for me, the more the merrier.

The decision to put up an artificial or living Christmas tree is a personal choice. If your choice is an artificial tree, choose a pre-lit tree. Pre-lit trees are so easy to use, with thousands of twinkling bulbs already hung. You can even hang additional lights to these trees. I suggest tucking amber lights into each section of the tree for a warm glow.

The size of your tree selection is often influenced by where you place your tree and the scale of the room. If your tree is not as tall or as wide as you would like, you can change the scale with the decorations you choose.

Photo credit: beall + thomas photography

For artificial trees, you can fill in the gaps with extra tree branches or garlands purchased at craft and specialty stores. To satisfy my family’s desire for a live tree, and to bring in the fresh smell of Christmas, try tying live greens in your artificial trees.

Once you have had your fill, so to speak, you can begin layering your decorations. For this holiday giving tree, I incorporated oversized details to my artificial tree to create a spectacular holiday tree and used a monochromatic color scheme.

Photo credit: beall + thomas photography

The full and billowing bows, long blown glass fragile ornaments, and a flock of life size white birds perched among the twinkling lights created the ideal essence required to bring this tree to life.

For more ideas on seasonal decorations and celebrations, check out my new book Seductive Tables For Two.

Tune in to the Moll Anderson Show on XM 168, 2:00 PST, 5:00 EST, Saturday, Dec 1st as I talk with author, radio personality and star of Bravo’s Miss Advised, Emily Morse.

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