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Jenny Patterson is a newbie to Nashville and is currently halfway on her quest to spot her idol Dolly Parton. Convinced that her kitchen is made to provide extra closet space, she loves trying new restaurants and adding to her shoe collection displayed in her living room. Tears were shed when Oprah said farewell, but thanks to the magazine world Jenny still feels a connection to her daily best friend. You can find her posting and tweeting as the social media intern for


Coming to Our City and TV: “Nashville”

Music reigns supreme in Nashville's downtown.

The city started buzzing this past March. Whispers here and whispers there of a new TV show that was going to be filmed in Nashville about an older country star whose career was starting to fall while she watched another young singer rise to the top. An idea that’s not that far off in Music City.

Or as The Hollywood Reporter put it, a “family soap set against the backdrop of the Nashville music scene revolving around one star at her peak and another on the rise.”

Then a pilot was filmed in Nashville with the star role of Rayna being played by Connie Britton of “Friday Night Lights” and “American Horror Story.” As for the up-and-comer, that role will be filled by Hayden Panettiere who you may remember from “Heroes.”

Apparently, ABC liked what it saw and the show has been picked up for its first season this fall, slated for Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. Central. The show promises to provide a behind-the-scenes peek into the country music industry, which for Nashvillians is right in our own backyard.

I for one am excited to see how “Nashville” portrays the city that we are all so proud to call home, and I know local talent is happy to have the opportunity to work on a major network show right here.

Capitalizing on the success of music-centric shows like “Glee” and “Smash,” the soundtrack of “Nashville” will of course come from the country tunes for which the city is well known. But unlike those shows, according to some, “Nashville” incorporates the music more naturally.

From what I have seen in the promo video thus far, I know I will be addicted and tuning in each week. “Nashville” looks to fill my void for a family drama with lots of twists and turns all against the backdrop of great shots of the Music City.

Are you planning to tune in?


The 10 Best Magazines for Sprucing Up Your Home

House Beautiful CoverSick of looking at that old paint color or empty corner? These magazines are here to help. They can’t actually do the work for you, but your inspiration will be overflowing.

You have had the same wallpaper since you moved in. That was way too long ago to even remember. You know it’s time for a change but you can’t quite figure out which direction you want to go from paint colors to reorganizing your book shelves.

Changing up your home can be overwhelming at any level from total remodel to picking the right lamp. But stop your worries and get your visual inspiration on with these ten great magazines.

Better Homes & Gardens: Not only will the inside of your house be picture perfect but the outside will be greener as well. This magazine is full of tips from easy entertaining to finding the perfect rug for your budget.

This Old House: Have you been bitten by the remodeling bug? This magazine is full of tips for the handyman at home and tips on where to spend money and where to save.

Real Simple: Sometimes we just want to get our “junk drawer” in order, but it seems to never get done. Real Simple shows you how to get it and keep it manageable along with other fantastic and easy tips for around the home.

House Beautiful: The title doesn’t lie. House Beautiful is full of great photos with some brilliant ideas from some of the best interior designers around the world.

Architectural Digest: Are you a lover of fantastic design? The photos in this magazine will knock your socks off all while giving you a peek into the homes of some celebrities.

Dwell: A publication full of new ideas, dwell always has an awareness for any space size. This is a great magazine for renters as well with ideas that are easily reversible.

Elle Decor: Like it’s fashion cohort, Elle Decor is a beautiful publication to flip through. High fashion lovers unite over finding a perfect couch for them based on the type of blouse it associates with.

Do-it-Yourself: Putting together Ikea furniture comes natural to you? This Better Homes & Gardens quarterly magazine will show you how to put your talents to use while saving money and making your neighbors jealous.

Traditional Home: A tried and true title, this magazine takes classic to a new level with small changes that anyone can implement.

Cottages & Bungalows: Have more of an artistic preference or love historic homes? This magazine will make you want to pack up your things and move to the beach or the mountains to enjoy your inside scenery.

Entertainment Weekly_Dark Knight Rises_featured

A Summer Escape at the Movies

Entertainment Weekly magazineThe blockbuster movie is back this summer with every weekend in July having another big release. We’ve compiled a list to get on your calendar that can’t wait for a RedBox rental.

Every summer, the movie theatres fill up with viewers who are looking to get out of the heat and enjoy a nice escape from summer. Huge blockbusters are back this year with superheroes taking over the screen with some comedy and family friendly sequels mixed in.

The Hollywood Reporter came out with a great list of their top summer movies, but I figured I would break it down for you with a highlight of a movie each weekend of July.

The Amazing Spider-Man (July 3): I have already seen this in the theatre with my 3D glasses and loved every minute out of the 136. It filled my void for some great visual effects and kept my attention with the lovely Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

Ice Age: Continental Drift (July 13): My nephew loves the Ice Age movies almost as much as the adults in our family do too. The humor and plot is great for all ages and I am sure this fourth installment will not disappoint.

The Dark Knight Rises (July 20): As one of the most anticipated movies of the year, I have already pre-ordered my tickets to this final Batman release in the trilogy. It promises to wrap up all of the questions still lingering from the first two installments with such an epic display that can’t be topped.

The Watch (July 27): After being tense in our seats watching Spider-Man and Batman save their respective cities, this new comedy with a trio of Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill is sure to be popular amongst audiences. Although they are saving their neighborhood from an alien invasion, this neighborhood watch is sure to provide some laughs.

People Cover Homepage 1

Tired of the Same Old Book Club? Try Magazine Club!

People Magazine intern Jenny Patterson prefers magazines to books. So much so that when invited to join a book club, she took the plunge–and her love for magazines with her.

I’m not a big “reader.”  I like books, don’t get me wrong, but I’m more of a magazine girl. Who doesn’t appreciate timely stories with pretty glossy photos? So when I was invited to be part of a book club, I thought I would change the parameters a bit and bring new life to our discussions.

A friend of mine wanted to start a book club and asked me to be a part of it. She thought I would enjoy it and would get along well with the other invited ladies, which was correct. I looked forward to meeting our new co-readers, but realized after two books in that I was losing the battle of actually reading our assigned book.

I seemed to be a really good starter and then would never make it past halfway.  I started to be the joke of the group; always attending but never contributing.

We are all busy so I couldn’t use that as an excuse. I just couldn’t get into the reading routine with a variety of other things I would rather spend my time on. I noticed I never missed my weekly issue of People magazine and thought that I would rather talk about a month’s worth of People issues than another book.

When asked if I had actually read our third book or if I would need a synopsis, I had hit my limit. I suggested for my month’s assignment we would read a month’s worth of People magazine and discuss our thoughts.  Some laughter broke out, but it was my pick and they had to go with it.

Next month we met and it was one of the best discussions we had ever had. Not only did we get to discuss when we all thought Brad was finally going to pop the question to Angelina, but about the Heroes Among Us stories that tugged at our hearts, or who tried the recipes and if we should add it to our dinner rotations.

I have sadly moved away from my first book club, but I am proud to report that they have kept the People magazine month tradition up. In the meantime, I have started my magazine club here in Nashville with great success where we pick a different magazine each month. So if you are looking to spice up your reading routine, be brave and suggest to your fellow readers to make a change in the rotation.

Want to change up your reading rotation? Check out our latest deals on People magazine!

You Don't Need a Title to Be a Leader Cover

Book Review: You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader by Mark Sanborn

Each quarter, has an employee book club where we discuss an assigned reading as a big group. This quarter we beat the heat while diving head first into what we thought makes a leader with help from author Mark Sanborn.

We’ve all been there. We see something that needs to be done but think that it can wait or someone else will take care of it. Maybe we feel lost on our career path or we aren’t gaining any traction. Perhaps we just had a bad day. But Mark Sanborn wants us to forget about all that and realize that we are in charge of our own outlook and happiness.

In the follow up to the widely successful The Fred Factor, this book covers how positivity and purpose can lead to a happier you. Not a totally earth-shattering idea, but what really compelled his message were the different examples of what describes a leader. He starts with a variety of different definitions and stories from the administrative assistant whose tasks reach far beyond her job description that she happily takes on to the selfless act of Russell Conwell that would lead to the foundation of Temple University.

Within 102 pages, You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader is divided up into six different principles which serve as a menu to divide up the courses. Although the six principles cohesively work together, I really pulled small bits out of bigger ideas that resonated with me. For the Power With People principle, Sanborn shows how word choices can really resonate with a simple chart for Leaders vs. Managers.

For example, while managers communicate, leaders persuade.  Rather than just communicate a message, persuade co-workers or teammates to be part of your idea or effort. Persuading gives each person a sense of responsibility and in turn a feeling of self-worth. Would you rather have a new fancy title but feel like you’re moving in circles, or leave work every day with a feeling of self-worth and accomplishment?

As a member of a generation where we all got medals on field day (another blog post in its own right), it was refreshing to read a book that points out how life isn’t about recognition and awards. I found this quick read to be a great reminder of how resonating a positive attitude can really be for any person at any level. We all don’t have to change the world, but our collective small steps might be more impressive than we think.

For more books that inspire us at, check out our Pinterest board!

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter

An Interactive Summer: My Quest to Conquer All Things Social

Facebook, Pinterest,’s new intern extraordinaire, Jenny Patterson, introduces herself and gears up for a very social summer.

I’m so excited to be spending my summer as the new social media intern for After recently relocating to Nashville, I have been looking for the perfect opportunity, and I jumped at the chance to work for such a great organization. Marketing is my passion and, like any good fashion trend, I love to be the first person in the know. Social media is all about being on-trend and having direct communication with you, the lovely readers, posters, tweeters and pinners.

In my past positions, I’ve never had the chance to solely focus on the social media world, but in my new role I finally get to give it my full attention. As the social media intern, I will be responsible for various social media opportunity projects and proposals, blogging, maintaining our Intranet and assisting with our current social media interactions. already has a great following on Facebook and Twitter with some fabulous discussions, and I hope to continue our dialogue.

One specific channel I’m particularly interested in growing for is our Pinterest page. I see great potential for Pinterest with the average visitor spending at least 15 minutes on the site. Personally, that’s on the low side of how much time I spend repining and liking various photos. Anyone else ever find yourself in a “pinning stupor,” suddenly wondering where the last hours of your life have gone? The goal is to get our passions and ideas as a company on our page for our followers to enjoy, and I already have some great ideas, so stay tuned.

If you haven’t already, make sure you stop by one of our social media channels to look around or say hello. I love hearing from our customers and followers, and I know we’re going to have a very social summer!