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Would the Real Cinco de Mayo Please Stand Up?

cinco-de-mayo.png Ah…Cinco de Mayo. A day when happy hour specials abound in bars and cantinas all around the U.S. as patrons celebrate with rounds of tequila shots,
margaritas and plenty of chips and salsa. As you’re out and about today you might even spot a few Mexican flags and hear a couple joyous shouts of “Viva México!”

But do you know
what this day is really about?

As we dust off what’s left of our winter blues, say goodbye to those April showers and get ready for summer, May 5th has become a day to celebrate in the United States under the
common misconception that we’re gathering to recognize the national day of independence for our southern neighbor. While May 5th is a day of special significance in Mexico, it is not actually the day that marks their independence. In fact, while it gets a lot of attention up here, it’s a day that isn’t full of parties and fireworks south of the border.

Here at we’re happy to lift our Coronas and
shout a heartfelt “Salud!” to the day, but we’re also all about getting our story straight. That being said, we have a $10 gift card waiting for the person who correctly tells us all what May 5th really means to Mexico and what the name and day is when they do actually celebrate their independence. 

Let us know in the comments below.
The most complete answer wins the gift card!
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Note: While being one of the first to answer helps you out, we’re looking for the most complete answer that hits all parts of the question!