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Getting Sketchy With Creating Keepsakes Magazine

creatingkeepsakes_july-august2010.jpgOne of the most common complaints from scrapbookers of any skill level is the time it takes to complete a page. From gathering photos to pulling out supplies, there is no denying this is a craft that takes time. But scrapbooking doesn’t demand near as much time as most think, or at least it doesn’t have to. Creating Keepsakes magazine consistently strives to solve the time issue by offering inspiration and articles to save you precious minutes in preparation and creation. The most useful column in the magazine serving this purpose is “CK Sketches.”

Page sketches have become increasingly popular in the scrapbooking world. There are entire books full of sketches to inspire page layouts. Deriving inspiration from a page sketch is not a new concept. Much like the page designers at a newspaper or magazine, establishing a page outline to work from before placing the elements on the page makes the process go more quickly, with much less stress.

The “CK Sketches” column shows a sketch along with full-color examples of the execution of that sketch. This side-by-side comparison allows for the most complicated page to seem attainable. Deconstructing pages in this way showcases the evolution of the layout, which often inspires confidence in beginning scrapbookers. The sketches also serve as a springboard of inspiration. When I sit down to scrapbook, I no longer stare endlessly at an empty page. I have a place to start.

These sketches also demonstrate in their simplicity that sketches are everywhere. Every magazine layout can serve as a sketch; it is just a matter of looking at the page in a different way. At the end of these “CK Sketches” columns, there is a feature called “6 Variations for You.” This section highlights six variations of the last sketch shown.

Creating Keepsakes magazine offers so much to scrapbookers to inspire and aid in this wonderful craft. For me, “CK Sketches” is the most valuable tool in this magazine and this column alone makes it worth subscribing. Having a fresh selection of sketches to call upon each month is like my own little scrapbooking ace in the hole.