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The Top 5 Crafts I’ll Probably Never Master

I love the art of creating. I think we are programmed to love making things. Those things could range from a beautiful painting to writing an awesome line of code. I believe the feeling at the end of either activity comes from ...
by Dana McCranie


Altered Couture Magazine and its “Inspired by Alice” Challenge Draw Attention to the Art of Fashion

Until recent years I don’t think I was able to really see art in fashion. I’m kind of embarrassed to say that because as a little girl I wanted to be a fashion designer and would draw dress after dress in a little f...
by Dana McCranie


Tapping Into My Childhood Arts and Crafts Memories Again Through My Daughter

When I was young I looked forward to many events, but there was one local festival I waited for all year. It was a Shrimp Festival my hometown still hosts annually. Most people look forward to eating shrimp while walking around...
by Dana McCranie



Inspirational Art Doll Quarterly Magazine Appeals to the Artist in Us All

When I think of doll making, one person usually comes to mind: Marie Osmond. My mind drifts to an infomercial with her holding up little dolls that are a little too lifelike for my taste. This was the only image I could really ...
by Dana McCranie


The Journey of Art Bloggers and the Community That Follows

I admit it: I’ve created and abandoned several personal blogs. Am I the only one to approach personal blogging like a fickle and fair-weathered friend? I may have abandoned some of my own, but I am a faithful follower of ...
by Dana McCranie


Quilting Arts Magazine Showcases Amazing Portrait-Style Quilts and How to Make Them

My favorite quilt is a hodgepodge of squares sewn together by my grandmother with a peachy-pink backing. I’ve used it until the batting is starting to pour out. Quilting is something I’ve always respected and always...
by Dana McCranie