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Lovecard 13

Make a Valentine’s Day Card Personal with Your Own Font

You may not love your handwriting, but a little personal touch can go a long way when it comes to card making. Here’s one great idea for Valentine’s Day. Fonts are just awesome. I love different fonts and typography...
by Dana McCranie

Martha Stewart Living magazine February 2012

5 Magazines That Will Inspire You to Create

With so many crafting magazines of so many titles, blogger Dana McCranie offers her take on the five that draw her to her crafting table — every time. There are few magazines I can’t enjoy for one reason or another....
by Dana McCranie

"The Color Orange" from Art Journaling magazine winter 2011-2012

Why I Fell in Love with The Color Orange

Blogger Dana McCranie never particularly cared for the color orange–until an issue of Art Journaling magazine helped her see it through rose-colored glasses. Generally, if you ask me what my least favorite color is, orang...
by Dana McCranie



How to Create Handmade Cards in Minutes

Who doesn’t love receiving a handmade card? But then again, who really has hours to make them? Here are five tips for making cards in a flash. Once I started making handmade cards, it became an addiction. I was so dedicat...
by Dana McCranie

kids' curtain rod art gallery 08

How To Display Your Child’s Artwork With a Cafe Curtain Rod

Blogger Dana McCranie offers simple, step-by-step instructions for creating a tasteful home art gallery to display your little one’s school projects. Kindergarten has brought a lot of changes to our home, the most profoun...
by Dana McCranie

Art doll tutorial step 4

Tutorial: How to Make Your First Art Doll

Intrigued after reading Art Doll Quarterly magazine, crafter Dana McCranie sets out to make her first art doll—and shows you how. I’ve been thinking about attempting my own art doll since the first time I read Art Doll ...
by Dana McCranie