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Don’t be too jealous, fellas, but freelance writer and editor Doug Brumley has been paid to play video games, he’s lived and traveled with a popular pop-rock band, he’s worked for an NHL franchise and he brews beer. (You can follow his pursuits of the latter at his blog, A longtime Nashvillian who's passionate about music and film, Doug is also a caring husband and father—unless there’s hockey on TV.


Harry Potter Just Keeps Getting Hotter

harrypotter_deathlyhallows_still.jpgWhile viewers still sit with mouths agape at the amazing trailer for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” (the two-and-a-half-minute teaser was unleashed upon the world Monday), People magazine chimes in this week with a one-page “Great Ideas” travel feature on the newly opened Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park at Universal Orlando.

Muggles who have immersed themselves in the magical books and movies will likely be pleased with what they learn about this physical representation of Harry’s surroundings. While People magazine‘s feature isn’t exactly deep, it does highlight some of the fantastic details–mugs of butterbeer, talking portraits on the inner walls of Hogwarts castle, the Hogsmeade candy shop Honeydukes–that will go a long way toward making the park a must-see for Potter fans all over the world–well, our world.

Meanwhile, if one incredibly addictive fictional series for which fanatics line up at midnight just isn’t enough for you, catch the full-size “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” (a.k.a. “HP7″) trailer in the theater prior to your screening of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” the already record-breaking third installment of the vampire/fantasy/romance epic.

You certainly wouldn’t be alone. Here’s what People’s website is reporting that “Eclipse” star Anna Kendrick tweeted on Monday: “HP7 trailer = That. Was. Awesome. It would be really awkward if I bought a ticket to Eclipse just to see that on the big screen, right?”


Holy Vuvuzela! U.S. Soccer Team’s World Cup Star Landon Donovan Rumored to Be a Father

people_20100705.jpgU.S. men’s national soccer team star Landon Donovan didn’t make the “Pitch Perfect” list of so-called “World Cup hotties” in this week’s People magazine, but he’s got People’s attention now. The celebrity magazine’s website is reporting that the national team’s all-time leader in goals and assists has apparently snuck another one past the goalie. According to the report, a U.K. newspaper is publishing a claim from a British woman that she was impregnated by Donovan.

Donovan–who, according to People, is currently separated from his wife, actress Bianca Kajlich–did not deny the possibility of being the father when questioned by a representative of Sports Illustrated’s website. The 28-year-old star who spent 10 weeks last winter playing for Everton of the English Premier League, said he would take responsibility for the child if the claim turns out to be true, adding that he would not comment further on the private matter.

Meanwhile, People magazine may have something akin to the Sports Illustrated curse on its hands, since all but one of the six “World Cup hotties” featured in this week’s issue (including U.S. goalie Tim Howard) have seen their teams be eliminated from the tournament. The lone holdout, Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, tempts fate this afternoon (2:30 p.m. EDT) when his national side faces Spain in an elimination match.


Rumors Swirl Around “Bachelor” Ex-Couple Jake and Vienna

people_20100705.jpg“Bachelor” reality TV star Jake Pavelka has had a busy week. Not only does the recently split 32-year-old grace the cover of the current issue of People magazine for his “Why I Left Vienna” Q-and-A, but People is also reporting that he and former fiancée Vienna Girardi (whom he met and proposed to in March during the matchmaking TV show) faced each other last Wednesday, June 23, for the first time since the breakup. Considering Pavelka has admitted to pulling the relationship’s plug via phone, one shouldn’t be surprised to learn that this encounter for the hit show’s taped follow-up interview was “emotionally charged,” according to a statement from “Bachelor” producers.

Despite swirling rumors to the contrary, producers denied that any threats of physical harm were made during the meeting. A source close to Pavelka confirmed as much to People magazine over the weekend, responding to allegations that Girardi feared for her safety and had gone into hiding.

Viewers will get to see the Jake and Vienna showdown for themselves July 5, when it is broadcast during ABC’s “The Bachelorette.” Meanwhile, Pavelka dishes on his reasons for dumping Girardi–and whether or not he expects the ring back–in his interview in this week’s People magazine.