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Fabric Rosette

How to Make a DIY Fabric Rosette

These little fabric flowers have been popping up all over Pinterest and DIY blogs of late, no doubt for their simplicity and versatility. As I’ve become a more frequent Pinterest browser, these sweet little fabric rosette...
by Brittany Joy Cooper

Labor Day "Wear Your White" Party

Throw a “Wear Your White” Labor Day Party

You’ve always heard that you can’t wear white after Labor Day. And while that may be an arbitrary and oft ignored fashion fable, you can play it up with this creative Labor Day party idea. Fire up the grill, gather ...
by Brittany Joy Cooper


4 Steps Toward Eating Seasonally

If the idea of seasonal eating conjures up thoughts of boiled squash and plain cabbage, it’s time to open up your mind to the diversity and delectability of eating what’s ripe right now. It can be tough to think abo...
by Brittany Joy Cooper


The Homework War: Creative Ways to Approach it with Your Kids

The Homework War: Creative Ways to Approach It with Your Kids

Getting kids to sit down and do their homework can be a battle repeated evening after evening. But before you wave the white flag, try one or more of these creative approaches. Perhaps one of the biggest struggles every parent ...
by Brittany Joy Cooper

Nashville, Tennessee

Destination Nashville: Why Music City has Something for Everyone

Blogger and Nashvillian Brittany Cooper unpacks the local haunts that make Nashville, Tenn. a great vacation spot for people of all tastes — yes, even those who can’t stomach country music. What do you think of when...
by Brittany Joy Cooper

Get Designer Looks Secondhand

The Gift of Thrift: Tips for Getting Designer Looks Secondhand

Some people love the hunt. For others, sifting through secondhand stores is plain overwhelming. Wherever you fall, here are some tips for getting great looks at a great price. I’ll come right out and admit it: I love thri...
by Brittany Joy Cooper