Ask Eduardo Xol Your Design Questions

Ask Eduardo Xol Your Home Style and Design Questions

eduardo_xol_headshot_300.jpgWe’re excited to kick off the “Ask an Expert” series today. We’ll address topics and challenges that we all face and give you the opportunity to ask our featured expert your specific questions–from how to set up your house for the ultimate holiday party to planning your dream vacation without having to take out a second mortgage!

For the first installment of this new series, we’ve picked the topic of lifestyle and design. And boy do we have a treat for you!  We’re excited to introduce Eduardo Xol as our featured expert.  A star designer for seven seasons on the two-time Emmy-winning TV show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” Eduardo has helped many families by creating spaces that allow them to get more out of life.  He is also an award-winning author of two books, “Home Sense” and “Extreme Entertaining Made Simple,” and has contributed to People en Español magazine, AOL and The Huffington Post.

Eduardo will select the best questions and answer them using his lifestyle philosophy of incorporating your senses into everything you do.

So what are you struggling with as we wrap up the summer?  Are you off to college and can’t figure out how to get the most out of your dorm room?  Or is this the year you create that optimal work space for your kids to help them have their best school year yet?

Whatever challenge you’re facing, now is your chance to ask a true industry leader your questions!

Since we want to thank you in advance for your great questions, we are giving away over $100 in GIFT cards to and some of your favorite stores for the best questions.

Here’s how it’ll work…

  1. To be eligible to win a gift card, write your question(s) for Eduardo in the comment section below this blog post. (You’ll need to include a valid email address, but it won’t be published.) You must post your questions by midnight on Sept 2.
  2. Let people know about your question on Twitter or Facebook by posting the following: “Check out the design question I asked @EduardoXol for the @magazinesdotcom Lifestyle & Design Expert Q&A! #askeduardo.”
  3. At the end of each day (11:59 PST), Eduardo will select the best questions–and we’ll reward the authors with gift cards to and your other favorite stores.
  4. Eduardo will answer your questions in a blog post here on September 6.

Ask Eduardo your questions right now in the comment section below for your chance at an expert solution and be entered to win a gift card!

For more great advice and inspiration, follow Eduardo on Twitter @EduardoXol and on his Facebook fan page. And of course, be sure to keep in touch with us here at the blog and on Twitter @magazinesdotcom to stay in the loop with our “Ask An Expert” series.

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  • Jaime Trotter

    Hi Eduardo!

    To say that my husband is an electronics geek would be a major understatement.  As a result, there are literally cords everywhere in my house, but particularly in the living room. There are black cords running around the frames of doors (we have a light wood paneling), running across the floor to our laptops and a plethora of cords of all colors and sizes around the entertainment center.  We’ve tried those cord tie things, but all they do is bundle the cords, they don’t hide them.  Can you suggest a way to minimize the appearance of the cord jungle without breaking the bank?  Thanks so much!

  • Bcausey12

    Dear Eduardo,
    I would like to know what I could do to make the kitchen cabinets and cabinet doors that look like they are made out of paneling in the house I rent look better. It is very dark looking and with the dark paneling on the walls and only one small window, it is really a dark and small looking room.( I always watched you on home makeover! )
    Barbara Causey

  • Jennifer Butz

    I live in an apartment and I move probably every 2 years. I can’t afford/don’t have the credit to buy a house YET. I would like to accessorize my living room without it looking “cluttered” up. Also I don’t have bookshelves and I am using crates. I would like a creative way to use the crates but I don’t know to put fabric on them how to design them to make them diagonal, if possible, or just to do something different with them. 

  • Cathie Camilleri

    Help  Eduardo!!
    All are kids were on their own, 2800 sq. ft house w/inground pool, both retired .Year was 2006.  Our “great Idea” was to sell our “family home” to our son and buy late relative’s older home which we were going to completely gut and remodel while living there in about 3 years. Well it’s we’re into our  5th year. I have a beautiful new kitchen (which my stubborn husband did everything himself except installing the countertops), he’s been working on moving master bedroom upstairs (we have a 1300 sq ft cape cod) and also adding a bathroom on the second floor. I’m sure someday it also will be beautiful. But my problem is we currently have no dining room and a small living room (12 x16). We have not entertained since we moved here 5 years ago because my husband   insists on finishing the downstairs before we can ”comfortably” entertain. We plan to remove the old bedroom wall and have combined  living/dining room (12′ x 28 ‘). I desparately need furniture placement ideas. The entrance to the house and hall are about in the middle of the space opposite each other Any plans would HELP so I can get my husband to breeze through the last part of the major renovations and enjoy entertaining friends and family again. Thank you…Thank you.
    Living Lonely Cathie.  

  • Lisa Potter

    We are trying to redo our sons bedroom. It is an
    old home and there is layer upon layer of paint, wallpaper, etc. We
    think we want to do a barn theme. Should we do the barn wood vertical or
    horizontal? Also, should we do the whole wall or do wainscoting and
    paint the top half?  We also have the weathered tin from the barn wood that we could be creative with.

  • Bluebuddha1961

    Eduardo…my question is that I have a small family room. Over the fireplace I have a oil painting of a seascape. It’s beautiful. But the opposite wall over the couch is a blank wall. It needs something. How do I find something that will go with the art over the fireplace. How do you make artwork “match” or not not compete with each other? Thanks…Mark

  • Scott

    Eduardo, what’s the best way to childproof stairs. Glass, Plexiglass, Foam everywhere?

  • Carlab

    Eduardo, I am in love with London, and I want to do a bedroom that has it´s spirit, withou being too much of a souvenir room, any ideas?

  • taryn R

    Hi Ed, I have an old colonial-small rooms and low ceilings. I have not enjoyed cooking since we moved in 10years ago-i feel claustrophobic, I was and it always feels cluttered. There is a wall, not a support one that I want to tear down. I work full time and funds are at a minimum.I am female-not afraid to just go for it. I want to love my home and entertain, Is this an impossible project for a novice.
    ? Also, I want to paint my brick fireplace in LR-any good suggestions. Was gonna go ffor vintage white? My name is Taryn and my email