April Magazine Subscriptions Bring Retirement Issues to the Fore

smartmoney_magazine_subscription_april2011.jpgFor April, two personal finance magazines devote significant chunks of their issues to retirement matters. We’ll preview one today and wrap up tomorrow.

So, let’s start with SmartMoney magazine. Its April cover dominated by a gold watch, this issue discusses what the editors consider to be the five biggest myths about retirement. These aren’t what you think they are, the cover blurbs proclaim. The areas discussed include the necessity of planning to cover what Medicare doesn’t pay immediately or ever; why calculations of your “number”–to borrow language from a popular investment commercial–may be inaccurate; and why you should consider adding bonds to your retirement plan.

Another story in this issue looks at the trend of becoming an expat retiree, a hot topic for a number of personal finance magazines over the last 15 months. This time Panama is the center of the story, and along with stories about learning Spanish, hanging out by the pool and hosting wine tastings, there are points about emergency response, the isolation of the gated communities, and the dangers of buying into unfinished developments.

A final story in SmartMoney’s retirement package talks about nest eggs, specifically how you might need to change how you think about nest eggs to ensure a more economy-proof mix. Appropriately for an April story, this one is illustrated with all sorts of eggs–some cooked in various ways, others covered in gold paint.

Next up: What April’s Forbes magazine has to say about retirement.