An Eames Scavenger Hunt in Dwell Magazine’s April Issue

dwell_magazine_subscription_april2011.jpgI just read the April issue of my Dwell magazine subscription cover to cover over lunch and one thing
that struck me was the number of references to American designers Charles and Ray Eames.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m as big a fan as anyone–and I’ve got the very
cool black T-shirt from the 1999 Library of Congress/Vitra Design Museum
exhibition to prove it. Also a 1940s leg splint. I used the Eames
postage stamps for my 2008 Christmas cards. Not that I’m obsessed or

I know, we’ll consider this a scavenger hunt–an Eames hunt–through the really cool spaces featured in this issue of Dwell.

Ready? I’ll give you the first one: a little story about expanded opportunities for touring the Eames house (including spending the night, if you want to break the bank) in Pacific Palisades, Calif. You’ll find it on one of the letters pages of this month’s issue.

That’s just one of the Eames references. Here are clues to others found either in the text or glimpsed in photos:

  1. Ad them up.
  2. Toys for tots.
  3. Front and back.
  4. In the mix.
  5. Seating chart.

There you have it. Maybe there are more. Let me know if you find another reference.