Altered Couture Magazine and its “Inspired by Alice” Challenge Draw Attention to the Art of Fashion

altered_couture_magazine_subscription_summer2011.jpgUntil recent years I don’t think I was able to really see art in fashion. I’m kind of embarrassed to say that because as a little girl I wanted to be a fashion designer and would draw dress after dress in a little fashion book I had. It is surprising to me, as a creative person, that it took so long for me to see the real artistry in clothing. I must confess the change in this view really can be credited to Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn and the constant flow of talent through the reality TV competition “Project Runway” every season. Once I started watching that show, that is when I started to see the art in fashion. That is also when I began to really wish Tim Gunn was my best friend, but I digress.

Altered Couture magazine is a celebration of the art of fashion, and with every page the publication seems to beg readers to find the art in their own closets, offering an artistic spin on an otherwise ordinary piece of clothing. I loved seeing a pair of basic Mary Jane shoes enhanced by a few scraps of printed fabric and beads.

By far my favorite feature in the May/June/July issue of the quarterly magazine is the “Inspired by Alice” challenge. Various artists interpreted “Alice in Wonderland” into fantastical fashion creations–each worthy of its own runway walk or at the very least a magical tea party. You can almost see a white rabbit peeking from under the next page, calling the reader to hurry to the next beautiful inspiration.

The first creation that caught my eye stood out before I even understood the challenge. It is a fantasy coat that begins with a fitted coat but then flows to the ground in a juxtaposition of assorted neckties sewn together. The coat also has trinkets and other interesting details, but the necktie skirt on this jacket is what really takes it from ordinary to fantastic.

Throughout the challenge pages you’ll find altered jewelry, hair accessories and amazing fashion inspired by this legendary story. Be sure not to miss the Queen of Hearts vest and whatever you do, don’t take advice from that Hatter.

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  • Anonymous

    Really fantastic sounds.. I have read this magazines once and i had became its fan. It is really fascinates to wear leather fitted coat..
    street wear

  • Anonymous

    I was amazed by this magazine as well. It really shows you that the old line: “I have nothing to wear” isn’t necessarily true! ;)

  • Anonymous

    I agree. I love how it shows you how to bring a creative mind to your wardrobe.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. I am still not confident with my sewing machine, but I saw so many creative ideas that didn’t even require sewing.