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Our Favorite Woman’s Day Magazine Christmas Advice From the Past 75 Years

Woman's Day December 2012 coverNavigate the most joyful—and often most stressful—time of the year with these practical tips from Woman’s Day over the last 75 years.

As the advent calendar creeps ever closer to Christmas, you may be wondering how you’ll make time for all your holiday tasks—from baking to entertaining to shopping.

About right now, some time-tested advice from a trusted friend may provide some comfort and hope that you’ll make it through another jolly season, well, jolly. And that’s where Woman’s Day magazine’s December issue comes in.

In honor of the magazine’s 75th anniversary, editors have compiled a “best of” holiday advice over the three-quarters of a century this women’s title has been doling it out.

Here’s a collection of our favorite tips from the article, followed by the month and year it was first printed in the magazine:

Avoid the crowds by shopping during slower hours. That means getting there early for department stores and picking up the groceries at opening—or closing—time. (December 1979)

Enlist the help of your hubby and kids to prepare a special Christmas morning breakfast—and create a new holiday tradition in the process. (December 1996)

Multi-task by keeping blank Christmas card envelopes near the phone to address while you’re chatting or on hold. (December 2005)

Instead of exchanging gifts with your girlfriends, get in some quality time with them by planning a special day or evening out. (November 2002)

Add a natural, seasonal scent to your home by throwing a few pine cones into a crackling fire. (December 1937)

Use fallen pine needles from your live tree to make potpourri. Combine 2 parts dried needles, 1 part each crushed cinnamon stick, whole cloves and dried red straw flowers, one-half part dried orange peel, and a small amount of rock salt and mini pine cones. (January 1982)

Clean your front door to make a positive first impression with guests (November 1990).

Make overnight guests feel welcome by clearing closet or drawer space and providing just-in-case amenities for (toothbrush, razor, hair dryer). (December 2005)

Recycle a beautiful page from a magazine to wrap a small box or gift. (December 1981)

Send a small surprise in your Christmas cards by tucking a small envelope of seeds, bath salts or a sachet into them. (December 1979)

Share memories of Christmas past by displaying photos taken during previous holidays in frames or albums throughout your home. (December 2006)