Whole Living magazine March 2012

A Plant for Every Room of the House

Whole Living magazine March 2012From lowering blood pressure to relieving stress and encouraging good luck, plants are powerful decorative additions to any home.

I cannot and do not claim to have a green thumb. I’ve tried to keep plants alive in my house. I make sure all the plants I buy come with that little instruction stick. I research information on how to care for them on the Internet. I attempt to pull plant care knowledge from the brains of my green-thumbed friends. And still, the plants in my house don’t last long.

The February issue of Whole Living magazine has me wanting to try my hand at plant care one more time, though, and this time I’m thinking I can actually do it.

Plants are great for home decorating. They add color, bring the outdoors in and add an element of light and life to rooms that are filled with heavy and lifeless furniture. But plants are much more powerful than that.

Take the Ficus Alii, Bamboo Palm and Boston Fern for example. These plants have even impressed NASA with their powers: They’re natural air purifiers for your home! A study by NASA about 30 years ago was the first to scientifically prove that plants like these could actually remove VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the air, and many other studies since have backed up their findings.

I’m tempted to try a Boston Fern. According to the Whole Living article “Power Plants,” this plant needs to be watered twice a week and kept in medium light. It also likes a warm and humid environment. It just might be perfect for my Texas life!

In addition to the group of air-purifying plants, the magazine also suggested a group of plants that will add natural soothing fragrances to your home–plants like Jasmine and the Miltonia Orchid, as well as energy-boosting plants like Ficus Lyrata and Jade.

Wish me luck with my Boston Fern. And if you have any good tips for cultivating my green thumb, I’m all ears!