The Big Bang Theory

A New Season of Comedy: What We Can Tell from the First Episodes (Spoiler Alert!)

The Big Bang TheoryWith the exception of a few stragglers, most hit TV comedies have opened the curtain on a new season, and we can start to see the trajectory of what to expect. Here, we give you the updates.

A new season of television has begun! The drama has been unleashed, the laughs are rolling down the line and the witty banter has reappeared on the scene. Here, we’ve got you covered on what happened in the first episodes of this season’s top comedies and what we can expect to see as the rest of the episodes unroll.

Modern Family: Skinny, beautiful Gloria has a bun in the oven, and though Claire hoped she’d lose some of that sultry charm (“You’re gonna get so fat!”), Gloria looks just as smokin’ as ever, even with a baby bump. Mitch and Cam are taking a break from trying to adopt another baby, and Haley’s about to go to college for the season.

This season, we can expect to see how the grown Pritchett kids (Claire and Mitch) and Gloria’s son (Manny) deal with the thought of a new little one on their turf. Plus, according to this interview from TV Guide, the show will be dealing with all the ins and outs of Gloria’s pregnancy, as is to be expected.

The Big Bang Theory: Entering season six of the this charming nerd-laced comedy, The Big Bang Theory jumped right back into the awkwardly sweet banter they do best. Titled “The Date Night Variable,” episode one of this season kicks off with Howard in space still receiving telephone calls from his worried mother. Amy and Sheldon get ready for an anniversary date, which finds a comedic moment in Penny bleaching Amy’s upper lip for her.

Sheldon is his usual awkward self, inviting Raj to join them on their date, incensing his girlfriend and getting Raj kicked out and landing in the middle of a date with Penny and Leonard. Though he’s not necessarily more welcome in that space, he does end up encouraging the two in their relationship before getting kicked out again.

This season of The Big Bang Theory will be full of awkward relationship drama, contrasting Penny and Leonard to Sheldon and Amy’s “relationship agreement.” Plus, we’re likely to get more of the high-brow intellectual cracks we’ve come to love – and we’ll get to see how Howard does in space.

New Girl: Nothing says innocently adorable like Zooey Deschanel’s hilarious character, Jess, on Fox’s hit comedy “New Girl.” Now in its sophomore season, the show jumped in with a premiere episode titled “Re-launch,” which kicks off with Jess arriving late for a meeting with the vice principal of her school only to find out that she’s been laid off (but she can pick a consolation prize out of the lost and found).

In keeping with the show’s constant attempt at sexual humor, Schmidt has a “rebranding” party when his male parts are no longer broken, and he tries to figure out a moniker to encompass his new identity. Meanwhile, Jess comes home from being laid off and her male roommates try to ease the pain, though she wants them  to just act normal (“Schmidt, stop looking at me like I’m a fat kid riding a bike.”)

Schmidt throws a party, Cece shows up with her new boyfriend and Jess tap dances, though she’s supposed to be a shot girl. Jess finally breaks down about losing her job, Nick swings out of his rough-edged persona to sweetly comfort her, and Winston enjoys a good dance.

This season, we can expect to see Nick and Jess’ relationship evolve a little more as Schmidt continues to find himself. More than anything, though, we can probably rely on the often too-contrived low-brow sex humor. Still, this show is sprinkled with some really great moments that almost make up for what it lacks in originality.