A New Health Magazine

health_september2010.jpgWhen my September 2010 issue of Health magazine showed up in the mail last week, it felt, well, different. It was heavy–obviously a full and robust issue–yet each page felt a bit lighter, like a different type of paper was being used for this issue. Then I remembered: Health magazine is getting a makeover with the September issue!

Just inside the cover, Editor in Chief Ellen Kunes tells us all about it, saying that this issue is the biggest in the publication’s 23-year history. It’s much of the same content that faithful readers have enjoyed during those years, plus much more. She also said that much of the new content that readers will enjoy from this point forward came directly from reader feedback. Yay, us!

I couldn’t wait to dive right in, and, I have to say, the redesign does not disappoint. Here are some of the goodies I found inside:

  • “Mix & Match Workout” looks intense and fun at the same time. Six complete moves–for your upper body, lower body and core–can be mixed and matched to keep fitness fresh and new. Plus, each card has a delicious, healthy and easy recipe on the back.

  • We all know that eating right and exercising are important to our overall health, and thankfully experts are telling us that sleep is an equally important part of the equation. We could probably all use more of it, and “Best. Sleep. Ever!” offers some great tips for getting it.
  • “Walk Off Every Bulge” promises to do so in just four weeks. If you’ve got 45 minutes and 3 miles of space, this walking-based workout will focus on and firm up the soft spots. The fall weather is going to be perfect for all that walking!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the new Health magazine. The makeover includes beauty tips, style fun and stunning photography. I’m still trying to decide which sandwich to make first in the “The ‘Wich That Wows” article. I’m hungry just looking at the options….