A Call for Relevant Content

Karen wonders where all the good magazines for grown-up girls are:

Why is it that men’s magazines have cool stuff like gadgets and video
games, and women’s magazines have crafts and decorating tips? These
men’s magazines are everywhere. And they are all the same really. There
are like a billion men’s versions and no women’s versions.

want a women’s lifestyle magazine with games, gadgets, films, tv,
comics, and other stuff from a women’s perspective. Yes, magazines like
Play or PC Gamer may be somewhat non-gendered, but they don’t go that extra mile. And even so, they err on the side of male, with the all too frequent "girls of gaming" issues.

Karen notes that there are some online gaming magazines written specifically for females, but she wants the real thing. A tactile, glossy, holdable magazine written for girl gamers–why isn’t there one?


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