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5 Ways To Creatively Wrap Your Magazine Gift Subscription

Magazine subscriptions make great Christmas gifts but can be a hard to present to the recipient.  These five ideas will help you cleverly unveil your gift.

Magazine subscriptions can be one of the toughest gifts to physically present. What exactly do you wrap? You can’t put an email under the tree, but here are five creative ways to present your gift subscription so you still have something to stuff in the stocking or place beneath the pine this year.

1. Show off your style. Use a stylish scarf and a copy of the magazine from your local newsstand. Roll the magazine with the cover facing out, and tie it with the scarf. You can also wrap the rolled scarf and magazine in a wine-bottle gift bag with tissue paper.

Magazine gift wrap idea - wrap in a scarf

2. Stuff a tiny stocking. Pick up a miniature stocking in the Christmas wrapping section at your local discount or gifts store. Print the magazine cover from and attach the image to card stock, trimmed to fit into the stocking. You can always write a thoughtful note announcing your gift on the back of the card.

Magazine gift wrap idea - Put in a tiny stocking

3. Fits like a glove. Buy a pair of garden or work gloves and some small tools like garden shears, weeding tools, a screwdriver, etc. Then pick up a copy of the magazine you’ve given at your local magazine newsstand. Place the tools together in one glove and roll up the magazine in the other. Use the gloves as the gift bag, or place them into a gift bag surrounded by tissue paper.

Magazine gift wrap idea - Place in a pair of gloves

4. Spread some holiday spirit. Buy a festive cookie cutter or set of cookie cutters at the store. Print the cover of your gift magazine from and glue it to cardstock. Trim to size and punch a hole in one end. Use twine or ribbon to tie the tag announcing your gift to the cookie cutter, and wrap in a small gift bag.

Magazine gift wrap idea - attach to a cookie cutter

5. Create a subscription ornament. On a color printer, print the cover of your gift subscription and tape the image to a new ornament. Then, you can hang the ornament on the tree or wrap it up like a present.

Magazine gift wrap idea - create a subscription ornament

Magazine subscriptions are an affordable and much appreciated gift, so be sure to find the best magazines for your friends and loved ones this season. Then, grab some scissors and tape and set to work presenting the gift with your own personal style.

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