5 Steps to Becoming a Locavore

womenshealth_december2010.jpgAustin, Texas, is an awesome city for so many reasons–the live music, the opportunity for great outdoor activities, the casual and friendly atmosphere. And, man, do we eat well!

A big piece of that eating-well puzzle includes locally grown ingredients. Garlic, greens, tomatoes, squash, okra, potatoes, beef and much more–the variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and even meats that we can get our hands on so close to home is just amazing. And those of us who choose to eat primarily from the list of locally grown goodness each season are known as “locavores.”

In the December issue of Women’s Health magazine, an article by Tyler Florence explains exactly “What Being a Locavore Means.” I encourage you to read it and follow Tyler’s four tips (and one I added myself) to eat locally and healthy:

  1. Visit your farmers’ markets. If there isn’t one in your city, take a drive to the closest one and make a day of it.
  2. Frequent restaurants who serve local ingredients. As the seasons change, the menu will too.
  3. Encourage the buyers at your favorite grocery store to stock more local produce.
  4. Get involved with a CSA. Community-supported agriculture programs deliver the goods right to your door!
  5. Give a local gift. Whether it’s a CSA membership, a gift card to a locally friendly restaurant or a stroll through the farmers’ market with a friend, introduce someone else to what it means to be a locavore.
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    This is great advice, and I love his Organic Baby Food company, Sprout, too!