5 Must-Have Photography Apps

5 Must-Have Photography Apps

Macworld magazine January 2012With smartphones functioning as high-powered cameras now, blogger Summer Huggins unveils her top 5 picks for the best photography apps on the market.

I did it. I broke down and ordered the new iPhone. I have an iPhone, the 3GS version, so I didn’t really need the new iPhone 4S. It was more of a want thing. And one of the biggest selling points for me, as someone who enjoys photography, was the camera.

The 3GS camera is a three megapixel still camera that shoots 30 frames per seconds when making a video. You can also tap the screen to focus in on a certain spot. The new 4S includes an eight megapixel still camera that you can still tap to focus, but it also includes face detection, an LED flash and video stabilization. I’ll be using it all the time! And of course, if you’re going to use the iPhone (or any other smartphone) as a part-time camera, you’re going to need some apps. Here are the top five on my list:

  • PetSnap: As you might imagine, PetSnap is for taking photos of pets, with a sound twist thrown in. My dog Thunder always gives me the cutest head tilt when he hears the “hungry kittens” sound coming from my phone.
  • Instagram: Take a photo, add a filter to give it a cool effect and share it with friends. I like Instagram for the instant processing and effects and the social element. You can “like” friends’ photos and leave comments. You can even tweet the picture to your followers right from the app.
  • Meal Snap: This one is more for the healthy eating/weight loss aspect, but it’s a fun one just the same. Snap a picture for Meal Snap to analyze, and it gives you a calorie count for the food in the photo. This is great for keeping count of calories while dining out and traveling.
  • Flickr: Flickr will always be my favorite of the “social” sites out there. The Flickr app allows me to keep up with friends’ pictures–and any activity–while on the go. You can also upload photos from the app.
  • Foodspotting: If I could take photos of only dogs and food, I’d be a happy girl. Foodspotting helps with the latter. Take pictures of restaurant dishes and tag the restaurant and the type of food. You can search neighborhoods, types of cuisine and even “want” dishes to remind yourself to have them the next time you visit a favorite cafe.

Those are my five faves. What would you add to the list?